Jointed Hands?

May 8, 2020

    1. how do jointed hands work? do they have elastic like the rest of the doll or do they pop together?
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    2. Yeah, they're strung with tiny elastic, each finger. The joints move like real fingers. I've never had to restring mine and I've had them about 2 years. I love them!
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    3. Mine are strung with elastic, each hand their own little system independent of each other or any body stringing. They can be connected to a BJD body using S hooks.
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    4. I want jointed hands so bad ! But it scares me a little to hybrid the hands to a body from a different company... I fear that the skin colors might be too different...
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    5. doll legend jointed hands provided resin matching for several bjd companies, and they currently are on sale.
      I just ordered a pair a couple days ago to match my luts white skin.
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    6. I didn't know about this. Now I want to order some as soon as I get my new body.
    7. the sales event for doll legend will end on the 25th of this month and the price of the hands will likely go back from $65 to 95usd. I don't have the luts body i've order the hands for, but I'd been eyeing doll legend hands for a while, so when I saw the sale, i just went ahead and ordered it. You'll have to ask though if they have the resin swatch of the company you're trying to match.
      Resinsoul which also color matches resin also has jointed hands and are cheaper at $38
      there are several options for jointed hand parts and will be each slightly different shapes, sizes, and joints. So take a look at the look/colors you want and the budget you have and go from there
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    8. Hi, noob here. How can you tell if a set of jointed hands will work with a specific doll? Of course the doll size is a consideration, but do you go off of like wrist diameter?
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    9. Thank you very much for the info!!! I'm going to check
    10. I didn't know Resinsoul made cheaper hands. I have checked them and I think they look good, however the shipping fees to France are 30$... I would pay the same price if I bought the Legend Doll hands :doh I'm so disappointed, shipping fees are always so expensive...
    11. The wrist size matters. So does the length of the hand and the general style and proportions.
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    12. I just ordered ball-jointed hands from doll legend. I got them through ACBJD and apparently the current waiting time for the hands is between 4 and 5 months :( I was very surprised so I thought I should warn you guys about it.
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    13. I only have them for my Granado guy, who had huge hands regardless. I love his jointed hands as I can manipulate them when I want.
    14. I too ordered some jointed hands from acbjd. I ordered on 11 APR and the tracking says as of Monday, 21 MAY the package is in a neighboring city. Unfortunately, that city (SF) is an international shipment hub and it may be held there for a while. I've had it happen to me recently where my package was in the neighboring city (literally 20mins drive away) but got sent across the country for processing then finally delivered to me a week later. I was grumpy but understand the issue with logistics right now.
    15. Oo what brand did you get? Do you know when they shipped it out ?
    16. Hi @bahboh. I got the Dika Doll hands because they offered the female sized hands with a tan skin tone option. I purchased them on 11 APR and ACBJD messaged me within a few hours after I purchased them with a tracking number.

      I think international shipping is picking up again because I ordered 3 capes and a wig from Iple House on 14 MAY and they came TODAY! That was lightening fast.
    17. Ok, the verdict is in. The jointed hands are WORTH EVERY PENNY (sorry for shouting). Mine came about a week ago but I didn't open them until this weekend because I was busy running for my life last week.

      I put the Dika Doll tan hands on my tan Peakswoods and they match almost (ALMOST) perfectly. With just a little blushing, which I'll do later, I should be able to mask any noticeable difference. I got lucky there. But good to to know the Dika Doll and Peakswoods tans are similar.

      Each finger is individually strung and the joints sort of lock in place allowing the hands to maintain poses well. The very BEST thing about them is the opposable thumbs. I have other dolls with jointed hands but their thumbs were not opposable which is annoying. I love the fact that these are. Makes virtually any pose possible and now my mind is racing with all the possibilities. Here's an example pic I took this morning:

      [​IMG]Dika Hands by Art Dolls, on Flickr

      They were $90 with the tan resin upgrade but well worth the money IMHO.
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    18. Whats an example of a jointed hand without an opposable thumb?