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Jointed Torso vs. Non-Jointed Torso

Aug 15, 2005

    1. I really want to bring home a boy of my own, and the last decision I have to make is whether to buy a body with a jointed or non-jointed torso.

      For asthetic purposes I'd definately say a non-jointed torso is better, but for posing purposes would a jointed torso be better? I've spent a really long time in front of my bathroom mirror trying to figure out the human range of movement in a torso, but I still can't decide...

      If anyone could help me out by letting me know their opinions on the matter based on experience that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
    2. I'm pretty biased - I've only ever had one body with a non-jointed torso, and that was a first generation pureskin SD girl body that only stayed around for a few days. All my others have had jointed torsos. My short experience with the non-jointed torso taught me that I greatly preferred the range of movement offered by the joint. Hope that helps a little.
    3. I prefer the jointed torso, which enables the doll to sit up straight instead of leaning backwards . . . it depends on the hip joints of the doll in question, but most dolls with non-jointed torsos don't sit unsupported in as realistic a manner as jointed-torso dolls, IMHO.

      I think that non-jointed torsos look better on child dolls than on adult dolls, but again, just my opinion!

      -- Andi :)
    4. If you are looking at this from asthetics......go for a CP boy.
      They do have a joint for mobility, but it's low, at groin level, and their chests are soooo yummy!
      I do love my Heath, but he isn't quite as "streamlined" as the CP boys.
      Each has it's merits, though.....



    5. I don't have a BJD without a jointed torso, but I don't think I'd ever want to, either. :daisy Although they are more aesthetically pleasing nude, I enjoy the mobility and range of poses jointed torsos can hold. celticgeekess has a good point, though, that the CP boys have that lower waist-joint that can be hidden with pants, makin' them look reeeeal hot shirtless. XD And if you can ever catch them in stock, Luts sells the bodies separately, if you wanted to get a head from a different company...elsewise you can try a Soom doll body, which can also be bought separately and has a low waist-joint.
    6. I can only speak for Volks bodies, but when I (finally!) got my SD Megu I had planned to have her on her original non-jointed body for a week or so before switching to the jointed SD Liz body I had bought for her, just to get a feel for non jointed bodies...

      But when I discovered the super annoying snap thing you must do to with the legs to get a SD body to sit up, I switched bodies right away!

      The aestethics of jointed bodies versus non jointed would bother me more if the bodies weren't jointed at all other points of movement. What's one more joint, after all? :daisy
    7. I believe you're talking about Volks dolls. Non jointed torso is the SD10 and the jointed one is the SD13.

      I have both types. SD10s are a wonderful size, a bit smaller than the SD13. I love both bodies about the same, however not having the joint, the SD10 is more pleasing to the eye.

      I have boys, and the one thing SD13s have that the SD10s don't is the gorgeous hands. Plain and simple....that's it. I'm not fond of the hands on the SD10 dolls, either the boys or the girls.

      In the pic below are Dakota and Tremain. Dakota is a SD10 Michele pure skin, and Tremain is a SD13 normal leg pure skin Cecile. Dakota is smaller than Cecile and Cecile is smaller than Isao or Tohya.

    8. I agree. Abacus' hands look pudgy and swollen. :|

      Abacus is a SD10. I love the none jointed body, it looks wierd when people have a cut off skirt or bikini on a jointed doll to me, like they have a roll of fat or something.

      It doesn't look attractive.

      But... his body really can get irritating. I plan on giving Cicada a SD13 body, so if needed, bodies can be switched.
    9. Wow, thanks! I've decided. I'm going for asthetics here, and am going to get the Luts 'El' model. Thanks for all your help!
    10. Bit late here, but I just wanted to mention that the LovelyHouse bodies also feature the low waist joint. It's quite lovely. :)
    11. At least SD hands are sandable to be less pudgy. ^^

      I prefer the jointed body (I adore my SD13 Volks boy, but I sometimes wish certain Volks joints were as nicely designed as Lutz/CP, with the low hideable waist joint and the superb thigh joint that doesn't 'pop out' like Volks does.)

      My daughter is getting SD Kun (probably by her birthday!) , who will not be able to turn her upper body since her waist is non-jointed, but her smooth torso is very pretty. I've never had trouble with having her sit up straight at all - perhaps I was lucky enough to get an SD whose legs go into 'sitting up' position relatively smoothly.
    12. jointed torso all the way! then again, i'm in love with the dollshe boys...^__^
    13. personally, I like non-jointed torsos more. I realyl don't think it changes the posability all that much. You really can't do much with a jointed body really ^ ^;;
    14. I don't think a hip joint like CP bodies have add all that much to the posability of a doll. People don't bend there, so having a joint there has always been a bit strange to me. And it really destroys the line of the male body, and if my boys can't have sexy hips, I don't want them. I'd rather they be jointless than have the low torso joint.

      Now, a chest area joint does aid in posing, by allowing the shoulders and upper body to move and slouch. And I like the visible factor of the higher chest area joint. We don't hide their other joints, so why would that one need to be covered?
    15. I prefer the jointed torso. The first kind of body I was introduced to was a CP boy body, and thus, the low waist joint. I HATED it. So much so that recently, I sold that body in favor of getting my boy a CP girl body to shave the breasts off of, almost solely for the waist joint.
    16. jeepz i love both but I instead of the default Kun I decided on a Kun with Emma body which is jointed. I just love the posing range I like the way a jointed girl can flip back 1 shoulder while her lower part poses the other direction. But anyways the most annoying thing is sitting it doesn't matter if the doll is jointed or not..iff he or she fits fine I don't think I'de really care.
      The next point I'd go to is what's more affordable in my case both of the ingenious idea's I had ended up expensive so I decided on the jointed body just because I think Kun's head is pretty big and I feel she looks better on a taller body.

      But the new luts bodies and boy bodies are different I like their 1 piece body more than the SD13 boy body. But then the Sd10 boy body is also very cute but Luts is more poseable so you actually made a very nice choice to start with ^o^!

      jeeszz I'm blabbing again..=_=...sawwy!
    17. Some SD10 bodies have the jointed torso. Swarricos and FCS SD10 for example...
    18. hm guess it depends if you're going to have your boy running around shirtless. If not then go for the joint since you'll never see it unless undressing and dressing your boy.

      as for jointed torsos, you can get ones that are more streamlined, just depends on the company. I love me boy with the jointed torso (DoT) but I also like the CP boys with the waist joint. Lati also offers nummy bodies with a waist joint - though to be honest the waist joint doesn't offer quite as much range of movement as the torso joint.
    19. I sew for my girls and fit my own pattern to their body type not from pattern pieces, so non-jointed is easier as far as staying put long enough to fit fabric to the body but I love the way the jointed bodies pose.
    20. I have a thing for jointed bodies, so I'd always say jointed. I will NEVER buy a CP doll body because of it's lack of chest joint, myself.

      I guess I'm weird, because I like the look of joints, most of the time. The doll bodies I adore all have both waist and chest joints, a la dollstown's newest boy. (Or little Sola! Yeee--)