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Jolarocknrolla is wonderful!

Jan 23, 2006

    1. I have just completed a transaction with Jola, and I am thrilled!

      My head arrived in perfect condition, beautifully packaged and much faster than I expected.

      Now.. if only the person I am buying eyes from was as fast (they aren't a bjd person, so they have no idea of my 'NEED!')

      I would highly and enthusiastically recommend Jola as a seller, she is fast, friendly and wonderful to deal with :>

      Thanks again Jola!

      Be well

    2. I second this. She is a very understanding and patient person as well. *much loves*
    3. I third this. I bought my girl's body from her and it arrived wonderfully packaged and very quickly. :D
    4. I fourth it!!! I had a great transaction with her!!! :)
    5. oh wow. THANK you everyone!!! lol, i didn't expect a whole new thread started just for me ... but what a lovely surprize to see it (especially on a hoorid monday morning). I'm so happy that you are happy, i do my best :D

    6. I can vouch for Jolarocknrolla as well, I have conducted several transactions with her over time and all have gone wonderfully. She is a great businesswoman and I highly recommend her. :)

    7. As if you need more praise. But if you do, Jola is one of the best people I have ever had dealings with and that has nothing to do with the fact that I have known her for years.
    8. I bought a pair of eyes from Jolarocknrolla a couple months back. There was some debate about whether the size would fit my boy or not. But she was very friendly and willing to talk about it. Shipment was quick and the eyes came well packaged and undamaged. A wonderful transaction.
    9. Jola is a great seller !
      I bought the two pair of doll eyes from her- and they were in excellent condition , and she shipped them very fast :)
    10. AS said before she is wonderful! i love Jola to death! She takes very good care of the stuff she sells and she ships promptly! *hugs*
    11. She's a great seller - honest before the sale, quick to ship, and the outfit I bought was exactly as she'd described/photographed it. Excellent deal.
    12. Excellent feedback for jolla--super fast shipping and absolutely perfect shoes arrived as promised.
    13. Again , great transaction with Jola.
      The items she sells are in excellent condition, there is a good contact with her and she ships items immediately !
    14. I had a great transaction with Jolarocknrolla! Super fast shipping of my oldskin SD10 body.

    15. Yay---finally found your feedback thread! I bought a gorgeous loli-type dress from Jolarocknrolla at a wonderful price. It was shipped quickly and packaged well. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with!
    16. I bought a dress from Jola. She was prompt with answering my PMs and I got a pretty dress for my girl. Thank you!
    17. Is this the official Jola thread? Just wanted to say I bought a dress from Jola, as well as a wig a few weeks back, and they both arrived in tip top condition. (I love this customhouse fit so much!! Thanks dear!)
    18. I have bought 2 dolls from her, and she's an excelent seller!!
      Great communication, friendly, everything just as described. And I love the little resin kids I got from her! :D
      Thanks so much, Jola! It's a pleasure dealing with you! :D
    19. I bought a pair of beautiful eyes from Jola and it was a great experience! Thanks!
    20. Wonderful dress at a Wonderful price! Thanks!! ^_^