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JollyPlus doll opinons?

Jun 18, 2006

    1. Does anyone have a Jolly Plus? If so a review please - quality, faceup, etc. What is the resin like - is it shiny like Elf Doll or matte? Daisy & Gise keep calling to me but would love to hear from an owner first.

      Comparison chart with Luts indicates Jolly Plus is not a slight doll at all which I like.

    2. Thanks, I'll check this board in a few days for your review & pics. I did see the link you posted and the Gise head looks nice. I'm liking Gise and Daisy, just don't want these if they have a shiny or plastic look or are thin. Good luck with Daisy!
    3. I want a jolly plus gise but i'm starting to have second thoughts *shrugs*

    4. Yea it was hard to choose. I really liked Daisy's innocent face. I curious to see how well she poses and such. Depending on how much I like Daisy I'm pretty sure I want to get a Gise to go along with her. I really love the molds. We'll see if they really look as beautiful as they do in the pictures :roll: Hopefully she comes within this week....
    5. Nevermind...I just got an email saying that she has just been shipped... -_-

      If that's true she prolly won't be here for another 2 weeks or so :(

      I ordered 2 weeks ago. Wonder why it took them that long to ship it hrm. Well I've read a lot about company's e-mails not being in sync with people's orders...I guess see what happens
    6. Good luck kittensgomeow! But don't fear, EMS can be fairly fast. I had an entire doll arrive 4 days after it was shipped from Korea. And I live in Arizona. It could have taken up to a day maybe 2 days less if I lived in California.

      (by the way, this isn't always the case. But under the best circumstances you shouldn't have to wait over a week for EMS shipping)
    7. Thank you cynner! Makes me feel so much better!!! And I live in Cali yesss. :)

      I think I've read that EMS requires a signature when delivered..true? Hope I'm home when she comes if that is the case..

      Thanks again :)
    8. double post >< whoops
    9. She came!


      Her resin is gorgeous in my opnion not shiny at all.

      Her face up is absolutely beautifully done!

      She is a bit high strung. Maybe restring her eventaully. Her legs like to kick back and such but I got her to stand on her own!

      She came in perfect condition although in my opnion her box could have been wrapped a bit better (it was all ripped up when i got it with only a thin bubble wrap around the actual doll box itself)

      I posted with images in the Gallery and in the Imcoming Dolls sections for those who want more images !
    10. Congrats! Daisy is very very pretty. May have to get Gise now. Thanks for posting the pic - enjoy!