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JollyPlus? What do you know about them?

Dec 19, 2006

    1. I've recently stumbled upon this website called JollyPlus And either I'm a complete n00b, or they are very new since I've never heard of them before.

      I completely adore their Gise boy, and am wondering whether anyone has bought anything from them or had seen any other pictures than the stock ones.

      Plus any suggestions/experiences regarding this maker would be more than appreciated! Thanks~
    2. I own a Jollyplus Gise boy that I purchased second hand from someone here on the forum almost new. That being said, I can't say much about their packaging/shipping, but the default box he arrived in seemed sturdy enough.

      The resin is very good, smooth with a nice weight. I noticed that round the edges of the joints and inside the headcap were a bit rougher then on my other dolls (elfdoll Wu and Lati M) but that can easily be fixed by a bit of sanding and isn't really noticable.

      He was strung a but tightly when I got him, but I re-strung him and now he poses great. He doesn't have any fancy dollshe-esque double jointing system, so his range is a little limited, but he holds all poses perfectly. I can leave him standing etc. for days at a time and not worry about him falling.

      I have the deafult face up for him and it is gorgeous (it is a little browner the one in the photo though.) Easily one of the best company faceups I have ever seen.

      To top it all off, since jollyplus are quite new they offer a very good price on their dolls.

      I don't have any good pictures of him now, but I can take some tomorrow for you. Any paticular requests?
    3. Thank you so much! This helps me a lot. It would be wonderful if you took photos. Perhaps of different angles of his face? And and possibly without a wig?

      Also, some photos of the JollyPlus Body would be really appreciated! Thank you again.
    4. Also if you have ay other dolls a few resin comparison shots would be great! I'm curious how yellow or pink the resin is. Maybe just take side by side pictures of the hands.



    5. I'm interested in seeing that too, actually. Also if you happen to have other SD-sized boys I'd really like to see if his head fits any other bodies because I think that I might get a DoD body for him.

      Thanks again ^_^
    6. Here you go Mortelle:

      There have been resin comparisons it seems. But I still never turn down an opportunity to get another camera's perspective if possible. :D

      Supposedly JollyPlus is a little more rosey than Volks but the same shade. So they look 'ok' together. With blushing a head could be made to match fairly well.

      I wanted to know because I am looking for a swarrico SD body, and the JollyPlus girls have a simularly pose-able body! Might be the answer to my prayers!

    7. It's too dark here now to take pictures in natural light. Sorry if i've been busy today and it gets dark here so early now. I promise i'll have pics by tomorrow.

      The only other SD dolls I have are elfdoll Wu and Lati M, both of witch aren't the most popular molds, so I don't know if it will help, but i'll take comparasons anyway.
    8. I love Jollyplus, especially Daisy! :D
    9. Oooh! Thanks! Awesome. This helps a lot. ^^

    10. Comparisons would be lovely! And I've always somewhat had a soft spot for Wu. *__* But that's besides the point...

      I'm also interested to see how his head would fit another body. If you could take some pictures of that it would be appreciated! Thanks again!

    11. I cant take pics at the moment as I'm out of the country. But putting a DoD body and a jollyplus head together is not going to work resin wise. DoT's resin is much fairer and a lot whiter, while jollyplus is quite the dark rosey pink.

      While I cannot answer for the boys, Jollyplus girls also have much larger heads than the DoT girls, so the proportions might be off.

      And the jollyplus girls I've seen, the resin seemed to be a lot lighter and of lesser quality compared to the CP and Volks. But this is personal opinion only, I just thought you might like to know all opinions before jumping in to buy a boy/girl for yourself :3

      Good luck !
    12. Thank you for the heads up about the DoD/jolly resin match! That helps a lot.

      Do you think they would work with a Luts body? Luts dolls seem to have rather large heads too.

      I do appreciate your opinion about the resin quality! It's great to know all of the facts before making such a purchase. I dont think that bothers me too much though, as long as he looks pretty.

    13. It really tickles me pink that they have werewolf dolls and not just vampires like most other companies I've seen. But I like wereworlves way better, they're much less prissy. *giggle*
      Now I'm interested in this company... the girls are pretty cute.
    14. I agree. Takes me back to my 'White Wolf' LARP days! LOL!

      On another note, from most of the pictures I've seen the resin quality doesn't seem bad. What are some of the concerns? Thinkness of resin, Consistancy, etc?
    15. I have a JP Gise head, on a SD13 pureskin body, and I ADORE him. The resin matches very very well. He's a bit pinker than Volks, but it's not noticable. He matches pretty well with the regular skin CP elf yder I have as well... I'd put the skintone between Volks Pureskin and the CP regular (depending on the batch).

      He's very mature looking, but his features are big enough for him to look good with any girl, unlike, sadly, some of the other mature looking boys that sometimes get dwarfed by the large features of many Volks girls... and my SOOM Gena. ^^;

      Edited to say: I don't have any complaints with the resin quality, though it's a bit hard to tell for me, as I only have his head. ^_~ however, I went with the volks body over JP's not due to any concerns about quality, but for the longer legs and the guarentee of posing godliness. hahaha.

      don't have a lot of pics of Kuronue yet, but here's a couple in natural light:
      And one in tungsten (indoor)

    16. He is incredibly gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these! They reassure my decision to buy one even more now!!!

      Thank you for the heads up about the resin and the bodies, so he is a good match with CP resin then? Because I rather like the clever construction of the CP bodies.
    17. Gorgeous molds, am I the only one who thinks they look like a less- round version of Volks Chris, and the girl looks a bit like a CP Harang? They are really nice.
    18. Actually I think they look closer to Luts. But I can see where the lips resemble Chris's.
    19. Does anyone have a normal skin CP boy they can compair resin with JollyPlus? I really like their bodies for my mouse character but he has a Juri 06 head
    20. As it happens I was able to photo my Jollyplus hybrid next to a Luts NS this past weekend. Molly's body is a Jolly plus, her head is a Kazekid's (the resin is suppose to match volks)


      As you can see the Jollyplus is slightly pinker than the Volks, but the Luts is darker than the Jollyplus resin.