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Jpopdoll Exclusive Dollheart Indigo Fer Dollheart Preorder Ending Soon

May 16, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      Limited amount, last production selling fast! Preorder ends May 30th

      Pictures from Dollheart available--


      [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]


      Dollheart May Preorder--Clothes and wig many sizes and styles


      click pictures for link
    2. Indigo Pictures available now see post above
    3. Are these remnants of the previous release, or are they a new batch?

      And if it is, is there any difference in the dye colors?
    4. this is a new batch and the LAST batch. On the dye colors, they should be the same as the first one.
    5. Very last days of Exclusive Indigo Fer, this is last production
    6. Very nice outfit. But I can't find - what size is it?
    7. If you mean the Fer, it is SD sized.
    8. its been extended till June 4th
    9. Last 10 pieces now, so if you want one this is it, they will not be made again.