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JPopDolls Feedback (2008)

Jun 8, 2007

    1. Hope this is the right place to ask- how is the service of jpopdolls generally? I'm trying for some days to order something, but it takes days to get any reply...that is, IF you get any...I'm sort of disappointed :?
    2. I'm not sure whats going on hun but I had SEVERAL transaction with them and they ALL went smooth. I bought 4 wigs and a DM body from them and I was in constant contact with her. I know she was going to a convention and was going to b unreachable for a bit...maybe that is it.
    3. I've only had one Jpopdolls transaction, but it was great. I would buy from her again.

      I know she was in San Fran for Dollectable, which just happened. She may not be back to regular business after that.
    4. I ordered lots of jpop-wigs via ebay, and everything went perfect, every time.
    5. Thanks for your comments! I know, she had been out, but was back, answered me once, but now I'm waiting again for an answer. Would like sooo much to get some stuff from her...ebay feedback is great, but I'd prefer to buy directly from the site :roll:
    6. Although I've had several great transactions with JPop through eBay, the one time I dealt with them outside eBay, it was very slow and there was quite a bit of confusion on the JPop end.

      This is what happened: in early December of 2006, I emailed to ask whether I could exchange a wig that I had stupidly ordered in duplicate. After getting approval by return email, I packed up the wig and returned it immediately. Several weeks later, after no communication, I emailed to ask whether something had gone wrong. Apparently JPop had not recorded the package or kept the note that I included with the wig (explaining the exchange) when it arrived. In the end, JPop not only exchanged the wig, but very kindly sent me a second one to make up for the delay. Still, based on several emails that we exchanged over a week or so in mid-January, I was left with the feeling that they didn't quite believe I had ever returned the first wig (despite delivery confirmation, showing that the package arrived within three days of my mailing it).

      Granted, this was an unusual situation, and it ended well. And it was very generous of JPop to accept the exchange at all--I didn't really expect them to bother with that. Even so, I decided that I was better off ordering through eBay rather than trying to deal with JPop directly. Since then, I've had two more smooth eBay transactions with them, and I know I'll buy again--but I'm sticking with eBay, myself.
    7. I think between the convention and the 1/2-price sale she's a bit overwhelmed. She hopped on ZOZ yesterday afternoon to say she was still trying to catch up, and from her profile, it looks like she was on DOA just last night. You could try sending her a pm - she is "grael" her on DOA.

      I've ordered both through her website and DOA and had nothing but great transactions. I know she really values her customers and tries very hard to provide the best customer service she can.
    8. Whenever I order wigs from jpop on ebay, everything is perfect.

      The two times I've ordered from the jpop website....the order has come wrong. I was sent a curly wig instead of straight once. I was sent the wrong color shoes another time. Both times the mistake was corrected quickly by jpop, so overall I am pleased. :)
    9. I just wanted to add to the consensus: On eBay, they're great, but through they're site they are extremely slow and somwhat confused at times. They're very friendly, though. ^^
    10. I ordered a wig from Jpopdolls on Ebay, and everything went smoothly ^^
    11. Just to add my two pennys worth. I've ordered wigs from them via Ebay and had wonderful service. In fact I've just ordered 2 more!
    12. O.k. then, maybe I should wait a little while longer....but it seems to be a difference between ordering directly or via Ebay...and unfortunately they don't offer in Ebay, what they are offering right now on th site ;)
    13. I've ordered a number of times from both Ebay and the site, and I've never had any problems.

      Actually, once I'd ordered right after I'd moved, but accidentally gave them the wrong address (I hadn't changed it over on Paypal yet). I realized my mistake and changed the address at paypal right away, but they'd already shipped the order, about $60 or $70 worth of wigs. I'd fully expected it to arrive at the old address, which would have been fine since I could have still retrieved it. Well, something got screwed up, and it never arrived at either address, and when I complained to the post office about it, nobody had any idea what had happened to it. It just sort of vanished off the face of the planet, it seems.

      Anyway, I emailed Jpopdolls and explained the situation and asked if there was any way for the order to be resent. I got a reply within a day. Unfortunately, the one wig was sold out, but I asked for an exchange of another wig, instead. Not only was I sent another order without being charged, but I was also given an extra wig, I guess to make up for the trouble, even though it was the post office's fault for losing the package entirely.

      I've since ordered several more times from Jpopdolls, both the site and ebay, and have had no trouble. In fact, I just ordered five wigs from the site the other day, and they've been shipped already. Definitely my favorite wig seller. :)
    14. Grace (Grael) is JPOP Dolls. One dear person, ever so vibrant, generous and creative, and sometimes VERY BUSY :aeyepop: She designs many of the wigs herself. So if JPOP is at a show like Dollectable, I can easily understand how it would take some catching up.
      Grace lives in my general area and comes to our monthly trunk shows. I adore her! You can order from her with complete confidence. The wigs are just great, I love the fiber and the stretchy wig caps make it SO much easier to fit some of our tougher in between sized doll heads (like SDC Ren).
      She recently started a mailing list on her site www.jpopdolls.net and has had some great sales and first dibs offerings. This may be making her more busy than usual. Hang in there - it is worth your time :)
    15. Great...now everything got cleared. I just ordered, what I had wanted and Grace (Grael) is indeed very nice! Pardon this stickyness with this matter...:)
    16. Sorry to bump up a month old thread, but I've been wanting to get a Jpop wig. From what I've read in this thread, ebay seems like a good choice to buy it from, but, what do I do if the wig I want is not listed in the ebay store?

      On the site is says they aren't sold out (I'm debating between a jpop cherry blue kana wig, or a monique hot pink jojo), but if they aren't showing up on the ebay store, does that mean she doesn't have them?
    17. just send the seller a question. I believe she may just list it up for you if it's in stock :)
    18. I've ordered through ebay, and grael has always been FABULOUS. I love those wigs.. ^_^
    19. Ive only ever ordered from the internet store ive never had any problems tho. Ive just placed an order for another wig infact!
    20. No problems with the store or buying on Ebay. If I remember correctly, the shipping can be slow sometimes, but inexpensive.

      The only problem I have had is that Monique Gold wigs are sometimes tighter than expected, and sometimes not. But that is regardless of where they are purchased.

      But I don't remember any communication/feedback problems, keeping in mind that but I usually just order, pay immediately, and then wait.