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Jpopdolls.net Dollheart Pre-0order now open

Jun 13, 2009

    1. Hello, exciting new outfits and new shoes for all sizes now on pre-order at jpopdolls.net . Don't miss out on these, they are oh so lovely. Here is a sample of outfits available, more on our site www.jpopdolls.net

    2. Yes to all those that asked if MSD will fit Dollstown 7 year old body. It will fit but it will be a bit shorter.
    3. Why do products disappear--is it because the pre-order limits are reached?
    4. No they sould not, pm or email me at GraeL3@aol.com. Pre-order is not limited.
    5. The girl on the left is the newer dollstown 7 yearold, the Dollheart fits perfect in the chest and waist. The girl on the left is wearing MSD by Volks and is the old body.
    6. both are wearing MSD Dollheart shoes