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JPopDolls.net is the new Ajumapama USA Dealer

Jun 4, 2011

    1. We are honored to become the new dealer for Ajumapama. Starting Monday June 6, we will have clothing, shoes, etc available for pre-order.

      Orders will be sent in weekly just like when Karin did this.

      We will also begin stocking many items for sale as well.


    2. Congratulations! Glad to see Ajumapama represented in North America again.

      Will you have a separate website for Ajumapama items, or will it be in a section on jpopdolls.net?

      Thank you!
    3. Hi and thank you, we will have seperate section. We will be sending newsletters out today!
    4. Did they disappear from the site?
    5. Preorders are back up for this week! They are sent in to Ajumapama every Saturday :) So the new preorder period begins today!