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Jpopdolls.net Xmas coupon and new wig color

Dec 7, 2008

    1. Hello all, we have a 25% off coupon from now to 12-24, type Xmas in the coupon box and get 25% off all jpop wigs.

      We have also added a new color Winterlight in Reiya wig and a limited to 10 pieces,hand-made Christmas Usagi. More wigs have been restocked too.
      New colors in Jojo and new 5-6 Paige wigs for the smaller heads.
      Anotherspace is restocked and ready to ship. Don't forget to check out our in stock and ready to ship Dollheart shoes and clothing to.
      Most Joyous of Holidays to all

      Winterlight, true red with strands of pure gold.

      Grace, Layla, Rachel and Claudia
    2. hi! is there a way to request when a certain wig style might become back in stock? thanks
    3. Is this sale for all the wigs you offer? Or just the ones under "jpopdolls"?
    4. hi Monique wigs are not on sale, they do not allow it. So only Jpop. As to wig requests, pm me .