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Jpopdolls Sale

Mar 22, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      All wigs on Sales page only have been reduced to $10


      New Eyes at special prices, rest at regular
      prices. Preorder ends March 28th


      For limited time only Red wig colours winterlight, winterflame and burnt cherry at reduced prices in Kye, Reiya and Shae Wigs

      If you wish to receive our newsletter please register on the cart and tick the box at the bottom. Thank you
    2. Does JPopdolls no longer carry Dollheart? It seems like there's not a lot of DH in stock, and no pre-orders up. Thanks!
    3. Do you carry smaller size wigs (size 4) for the little BJDs?
    4. My guess is that there is no stock because of the sale! And I missed out on so many good outfits, too...
    5. Can we buy Kanalong in 8-9? I don't see any in stock it seems your shop stocks are very low - I want Burnt Cherry and blush. (No sale price needed)
    6. Do you know if there are any plans to restock the "Winds" style? I really wanted that one in a 6/7 or 7/8 black.
    7. Cauldroness: The sale is only for in stock items as Dollheart does not allow sales of preorder items. We did not do a Dollheart preorder this month

      Momohuny: We currently have 4/5 wigs in Kanalong

      TreeLore: Kanalong blush and burnt cherry are sold out

      Kymera: There are no immediate plans to stock of winds arriving
    8. Treelore and Kymera, I pm'd you