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Jpopdolls wigs at 40% off SALE Weekend Event

Nov 30, 2008

    1. For those that missed our newsletter, www.Jpopdolls.net is have a weekend only wig sale on JPopdolls wigs instock. The sale excludes all other merchandise and pre-orders. The coupon is good for Jpopwigs only and not the ones already on sale. The coupon code is weekend.
      Thanks and happy shopping
    2. I've made my order, the coupon is indeed 'weekend'.

      Here is a snippet of my newsletter:

    3. I'm a tad confused- does the coupon work on just one wig you buy, or if you buy more than one does it work on them all?
      Thanks in advance ^___^
    4. The coupon only works with Jpop wigs, not Monique type etc.
    5. the coupons works as a total, so 10 wigs or 1 you get 40% off all of them
    6. Yep.. its not working for me either...
      Any ideas? Or how we can get it to work?
    7. use a different browser, some browser security is just too high. It only works or regularly priced jpopwigs, not anything else. It will stop working at midnight tonight