JR Dolls

Jun 9, 2021

    1. I was shocked to see there wasn't a thread for these dolls!
      Julia R is the artist. Here's her Instagram. The girls are 36 cm, and the men seem to be close to 40 cm. They are (of course) resin dolls, though the artist does work with porcelain too.

      Artist is @JRDolls on here!

      The new Asian mold is very appealing to me!

      Does anyone have or want these dolls?
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    2. I have not heard about her before. The Asian sculpt is quite pretty, might take a closer look.
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    3. I love her dolls so much, I just wish they weren’t in between 1/6 and 1/4 scale (I collect 1/4 and like to have all my dolls be in proportion). The female dolls are 36cm not 40. But I may still try to get one one day. I love the curvy female body in particular.
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    4. Oh, I didn't realize they were only 36 cm! Yes, that's quite the inconvenient scale-- too large to stand besides Barbie-sized dolls, too small next to actual 1/4 scale dolls. I know Natalia Loseva's older dolls were 36 cm too, and the older heads still fit proportionally on the new 40 cm bodies, so perhaps if you really like JRdolls' heads you could get away with making a hybrid on a taller body. The original curvy body is wonderful, though. It's my favorite of the two offered bodies too.
    5. These are beautiful dolls I'd never heard of. Thank you for sharing them!
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    6. :aeyepop: Oh my gosh, these dolls just might fit with my Fairyland Chic line dolls! That'd be awesome! Must look deeper into them :D

      But how does one order/see prices/ get on their "list"?
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    7. Blanks are $800, and painted are $950. DM the artist to hear all of that first-hand, and if you ask she'll add you to her list :)
    8. Ooh, gut punch! Too expensive for me :doh:atremblin thanks for telling me @mohnblumendolls :thumbup
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    9. I had the same reaction, haha. But hey, there's always pictures to drool over :)
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