Jrock Style

Feb 21, 2021

    1. Just was wondering if anyone was still actively exploring jrock fashion and aesthetics when it came their dolls. I know Korean style and entertainment is pretty popular right now for many people in the hobby(and out of it) so I see less of the jrock stuff. Was just feeling curious about this.
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    2. I might be? I like that style but I don't really think of the stuff I'm going for as j-rock, just men's alternative. J-rock and visual kei are still pretty popular. I wish there was more in the clothing options, but those options they do have are usually hella expensive.
    3. I wouldn't know Jrock style if it walked up and bit me

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    4. My boy Leaph (Luts CP Delf Moon), who has been a floating head for ages, is going to be a visual kei styled doll. His fashion is going to be be more inspired by first generation visual kei bands (Color, Kamaitachi, X Japan, Zi:Kill, ect) than current VK, though. Still trying to find some pikes for my boy as I did finally get some creepers.

      I got a couple heads coming, an Akagi Doll Ban and a Luts Senior Delf Bliss, that I'm hoping to use for other visual kei inspired dolls. One is going to be a late 90s kote kei styled doll and the other one is probably be a kirakira/oshare styled doll. But that's only going to happen after I get Leaph's body.

      It's been a bit of a pain to find VK style outfits if you want something that's not tanbi, soft visual, kirakira, or wafuu inspired. I remember how easy it was to find oshare kei and kote kei outfits 12 years ago, so I was kind of shocked how little options there were for clothes options now outside of shoes.
    5. When I browse the shops I see a lot of athleisure and casual clothing. No more cut-sew, detached sleeves, and strappy boots. So I understand what you guys mean when you bring up big prices and scarcity. The times I have seen it I get nostalgic.
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    6. I still love visual kei! :D:kitty2 (Please no K-pop for me! :huh?:)
      Even if I haven't been up to date with the new Japanese bands for a long time. :sweatI tend to follow the older bands. :kitty2

      I especially like that this Japanese fashion style is so varied. Different styles of fashion meet here. For example: crossdressing, lolita fashion, prince charming outfits, vampire style, gothic, punk rock, ... etc. :love
      I really love everything about it: hairstyles, outfits and the general Japanese androgynous beauty ideal. :love

      When it comes to my doll, I try to make a rock star / artist out of him in that style. But is still in the making. :kitty2
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    7. Me too!!. I always loved J-Rock and VisualKei aesthetic and now it seems there's only Kpop everywhere. But I keep listening to old bands as they keep doing music, my favorite of all-time was buck-tick. I still dream of see them live someday....
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    8. Honestly not anymore...I used to dress my boys that way back when the jrock/femmy boy doll style was popular, but like most things, the style kinda died out and I did move on too. I was always SUPER into J-street fashion though (and a huge fan of An Cafe among the other popular bands), and still wear Lolita fashion myself, but not Visual Kei or J-rock style. Now I think it's a bit weird to come across those types of outfits, since it's such a symbol of the mid-2000's. But just like 80's and 90's fashion is popular again, J-Rock might come back into style for a time in the future.
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    9. Good luck with the pikes! I have some boy heels that come to a sharp point, I'm really happy with them. But if you're looking for flats like the classic flat goth buckle boot, I've never seen them for BJDs. Not once since the year 2000. I used to have a small collection of pikes back in the 80s so I'd love to have them for my dolls too.
    10. I tried, and I guess one of my dolls still kinda has that style but to be honest it was hard for my to keep up when it was popular.
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    11. You know I saw a lot of it 10+ years ago when I first started, and I even have a few clothes. But now that you’ve posed this question, I realized I don’t see as much of it.
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    12. The Harajuku style is picking up for e boys and e girls sadly.
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    13. It's a pretty "old school" look in the BJD world these days... Very 2006. :XD:

      Most of the collectors who used to dress their dolls that way have either moved on to more recent looks or seem to have completely departed from at least the public part of the hobby.
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    14. I'll see older dolls with jock style wigs and more modern/casual clothes. I never see newer kpop/street wear styled dolls with those wigs though.
    15. Miss this style. And the harjuku streetwear. I hear Fruits magazine went dead too. I have a couple of their compilations in English.
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    16. I can't say I miss the style (as far as BJD fashion goes), although the wigs were very interesting, I can't say I own any. I did purchase a few of the platform boots, because that was all there was, really. I've never purchased BJD clothes, because despite sucking big time at sewing, I still enjoy torturing myself and my dolls by making crappy clothes they have to wear. I've never been a fan of make up myself either, even less on my male dolls. I never pursuit having a doll in that old-school Visual-Kei look because of the make up mostly -- I liked the darker aesthetics (black lips, blood, etc.), but not the more girly Lolita-like-wearing-dresses on males. I would personally not want the latter look on my dolls. However, I got a lot of comments that one of my dolls reminded some people of J-Rockers when I was very actively posting photos of him in the past. One particular photo shoot that I posted on here, got pinned on Pinterest, and has a lot of "J-Rock/Visual-Kei" looking people as similar suggestions. I don't really see it myself, but. I don't really mind. I always get comments like my dolls looking Goth, or a million other similar styles -- it's not their style, but it's not offensive to me so I don't mind.

      I like the aesthetics of J-Rock, just not the make up parts and I probably like the more modern way old J-Rockers dress now (like Luna Sea, Gackt, L'arc En Ciel, etc), than in the Visual Kei era. I feel it's closer to the look my doll has had for a while, than the Visual Kei aesthetic. I don't believe the J-Rock style is dying out side this hobby (or foreigners to Japan), it's probably just a lot less popular because younger people are into other stuff and only the older OG fans still like it. Probably due to the popularity of other types of music with younger people now, not just in Japan but anywhere in the world. Rock also tends to be less popular music anywhere (at least, I feel like it is), but I do see some older J-Rock groups still doing music and still looking pretty stylish (IMHO, more so than in in the older days). The fashion style is probably not seeing anymore as specific to "J-Rockers," because it's not as "loud," but maybe that's why we don't see much talk about it anymore either; it's no longer super-specific-to-the-genre. :sweat
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