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July Issue of Dollicieux is up!

Jul 1, 2005

    1. (dear Mods – I wasn’t sure if the second issue qualified as News or not, so please move if it belongs there – thank you!)

      Hi all!

      The second issue of Dollicieux is up and running! I hope you all get the chance to visit. We have a fabulous new contest this month and we’ve added a new section! The Fashion File interview this month is with Melancholy Kitties, the gorgeous Nemesis is In the Spotlight and we have another wonderful tutorial from the awesome JoAnn!

      Thanks to everyone for the support! Especially for the emails I’ve gotten in the past few days asking when the next issue will be up. It makes the work worth it!

      I hope you all enjoy.
      (on behalf of the Dollicieux Team)
    2. Yay! *goes to look*
    3. I think you guys did a fabulous job - Melissa was so nice to work with! I loved the first issue with Steph's girls and I love this one too (of course, lol...my favorite girl on the cover!) All of the articles so far have been great, really enjoyed reading them. Thanks for letting us be a part of it - Nemesis is very honored to be July's spotlight :wink:

      Keep up the great work, I'm already looking forward to the August issue!! :daisy
    4. Denise, I was so happy to see Nemesis on the cover! What a great article! :grin: Congrats!!!
    5. Lyssa, you have another great issue there! Congratulations!!!!!!! I really look forward to these! :D
    6. Denis Bastian is the best!^^
      I love his patterns and he's a super person!

      Your magazine is really great. I enjoyed the features...
    7. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer :oops: It was a great read though and the cover picture was just gorgeous. I can't wait for the August issue.
    8. Thanks everyone!!! We're so happy with the issue. The August issue is already in the works.

      Thanks for ALL the support from everyone. It makes it all worth while :)
    9. I loved the second issue, and I can't wait to see the next one!
      You all did a great job on it! thank you fro giving the doll community something so cool.
      Keep up the great work!!