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Junga D Skull Discussion

Jul 27, 2010

    1. I've just found (as in bought!!) this today. Appologies if its already been discussed or OT. I did a search by came up empty :P


      IMO this is AWESOME! It has a headcap and the eyes are removable/replaceable as well. The moving jaw is cool.

      I'm kinda dangerous with a dremel and have 10 thumbs so for me this is a neat and not-so-expensive shortcut to a grinning skull doll - can anyone say Terry Prattchet's DEATH!
    2. That is cute. Er...well I think anything under the "doom and gloom" type is cute. I was thinking of those skeletons from corpse bride...or something to that effect...

      I think I want one.
    3. Oooh! :D I want one! It would go perfectly with my house of assorted monsters and misfits. I can actually kind of see it as an alternate head for my ghost guy.
    4. OMG I need that... That's AMAZIN!!!!
    5. That thing is awsome, I'm not usually one for the horror type stuff, but I'm totally considering this thing!
    6. Kya, so cute!
      I think it's on topic, just like anthro dolls are. It's resin, it's made to be put on a BJD body, and it has headcap+eye sockets so it should be fine.
      Anyways, that is super awesome! It'd be perfect for certain character dolls, or if you're going for an awesome macabre thing.
      I can think of about a million things I could do with that :D Already my first BJD was one with awesome gore mods, and part of the reason I got into them in the first place was because before I knew they existed, I had created a story line about "puppets" and it was very horror&macabre.
    7. I think you've started a whole new 'fandom' for the "skully head". LOL
    8. Yes!!

      The animated 'yakity-yak' skull is adorable! They also have a 'blank' for creating your own head as well. I really can't wait for my skully to arrive.
    9. Does anyone think the gray colored one looks like Geoff from the Craig Ferguson show? It totally reminds me of that!
    10. Oh, my god, that is both creepy and awesome. XD But what weird skeletal proportions! (I expect that somewhat from our stylized BJDs :) )

      I should show this to my anthropology professor next semester and have him be all WHAT THE S*#^$. :XD:
    11. I love this little skull!!! He'd fit right in around my house!!! I totaly want to see your version of Terry Pratchett's DEATH!!! :)
    12. I can also see someone doing some kind of mock scene from the play, Hamlet...lol
    13. So, I just found this, and I think it's awesome! Probably because I'm an anthropologist who likes bones. But- this is so completely amazing. I'm really tempted by this head for one of those, in the future purchases. I'd like to see what resin it matches and what bodies might work for it. I'm blown away and perplexed by this!
    14. WOW, it's great. I can see it working out so well in some collector's houses among a collection of demons and stuff.

      "Cute skeleton to be used for Halloween or to create a horror concept" he is cute XD he looks great on the blushed SD sized body.
    15. 0 0... Em, this thing is indeed interesting. I think it is cute without heavy blush.
      I want to see how it looks like on a SD body, nude XDD
    16. Yeah. Great, but really creepy! <3 I think I'd definitely be one of those people. I have vampires, demons, elves, a wolfwere, a ghost, a fallen angel, a sprite, imps, a half demon and some really odd humans. XD He'd be perfectly at home as a zombie or something. I don't know if I could live with that skull-face staring at me all the time, though. >.< He might have to stay in a box or something.
    17. I'd almost want to get a couple, one to sculpt a face on and have cast. It's been difficult to get everything even, having a detailed base would be lots of fun. :) And another just to keep as is. Dang, that's a fun concept! :D

      Ah ha! They have a head blank for cheap! Cool!
    18. :aeyepop: MUST HAVE!!! :D
    19. His silly face is cracking me up. I don't know that I need one but he would be fun to play with. :whee:
    20. IT'S AWESOME.

      Though, silly me, even with the warning that animation .gif made me jump a bit :horror: