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Junior Delf boys - Spica and Pluto

May 29, 2010

    1. Wow I love the looks of Pluto and Spica~! As much as I wish Spica was a girl though, I'm pretty sure he's a boy. I just realized they are Alice in Wonderland theme too~ Spica is Alice and Pluto is the Cheshire... I guess Alice is super popular lately, but I can't complain since I love and must have the outfits! :D
    2. OMG so depressed, I thought Spica was a girl for sure, but looking at the photos of her (!) and Pluto I am seeing the obvious flat chestedness.
    3. I know the Alice in Wonderland thing is popular right now, but must EVERY new doll release be themed as such?
      I was really hoping to finally see some girl JDFs this time around... you think they would have a girl for Alice... but I guess in a way its one way to set them apart. A boy Alice named Spice is quite unique.

      Personally I would love Pluto as a girl. Perhaps if the girls ever are released I will have to arrange a head swap should I find myself wanting a slightly smaller doll to join my current crew.
    4. I... want both Pluto and Spica. They're both so pretty! I love girly boys and these are two absolute cuties :)
    5. I completely agree with everything you said Tonboko.
    6. are they boys or girl? i want spica anyway! :D
      and am i the only one who noticed pluto is a SDF blanchett head on a JDF body?
    7. I second sahoma :D

      I love Spica either way boy or girl x3
      and s\he just reminds me of harmony, only slightly opened mouth ;o
    8. Ohmaigawd... I was almost dying here when I saw SPICA. The doll is just perfect for my character Nabi wich I'm looking for a mold for already a long time and the best part is that I think that SPICA is a boy!
      The sizes of the body are identical to the sizes of the other junior delf boys! But the doll is so girly that I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually a girl doll xD
    9. Yep, you're right about Pluto. It says on the Luts page for him: Junior Delf PLUTO is a Boy version of Senior Delf BLANCHET :)
    10. its so sad i dont have money TT^TT
    11. Pluto looks sooo awesome~!
      I don't care for the skirt, but I wouldn't mind if they shipped the fuzzy cat ear thingies, haha.
      Looks like a pretty head!
      ...and I've decided that Spica is a girl...the company is lying! (lol)
      And yeah...I agree, there is a LOT of Alice themed stuff. I'm starting to want to see something new.
    12. Spica has to be a girl.....how is it a boy?? I think it's
      just a typo. But that would be pretty upsetting.

      edit: So they would put ribbons & lace and high heeled
      boots on a boy? Not to mention that wig!
      Spica is definitely a girl :)
    13. Luts would indeed put such girly things on a boy (Elf Chiwoo and SDF Bliss come to mind). :| I would love to be wrong and have Spica be a girl, but I think that this is just Luts being Luts. But I hope we will see a JDF girl someday. <3
    14. That would really suck. I won't buy Spica as a boy.
      But honestly nothing screams boy about "her" &
      to me it seems they went to great lengths to show
      it's a girl....then again Pluto "looked" like a boy until
      I saw the outfit. Still not as girly as Spica's though.

      Can they wear DH clothes?
    15. Re : Spica. Dude looks like a lady. I wish it/him was a girl as well, but the chest looks very flat.
    16. Spica is really a boy? Galloping androgynous garter-belts, Batman! All the other Junior Delfs are guys though, so it wouldn't really surprise me. Lovely face though. I really like Spica and Nihal the most. *sigh* I'm not allowed to look at dolls anymore, I have too many I love already.
    17. Yep, all the junior delfs are boys! Long hair and a feminine face do not necessarily mean a girl in this hobby, lmao. I suspect he'd look different with short hair and more macho clothes - be interesting to see!
    18. It's a shame Spica is limited; I definitely won't be able to get him. For Spica though it's more than just the (really) long hair and feminine face. The frilly outfit adds to the gender confusion. Still, he does look like such a sweetie-pie. I'd probably get him if I didn't have conventions coming up.
    19. LOL.
      Yeah, I knew Pluto was definitely a boy, but I
      should be used to Luts by now when it
      came to Spica. Luckily beautiful boys are my forte.