Junji Ito inspired bjds

Jan 22, 2019

    1. I was curious if anyone had done any junji ito inspired dolls.
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    2. I don't, but that would be amazing to see so I'm watching this thread. :aeyepop:
    3. Oh wow, that would be a cool idea! I feel like a Tomie BJD would be awesome, though it'd be hard to find a doll to capture her level of beauty, and I might feel a little creeped out owning her. XD Imagine what it'd be like dismantling her for restringing....

      And didn't Ito have a story where a girl turns into a doll? He's totally made for this kind of thing.
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    4. I would love to see some dolls inspired by Ito's manga's. For a while I did follow an instagrammer who had dolls that had a bit of the Ito vibe. Can't seem to finde them anymore so they might have deleted their insta.
    5. I am dying to see some. Ito's sense of body horror would be incredible to hold and touch in person.

      Personally? I'd love to own a Tomie, based on this iconic scene:

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    6. WOW, that would be an excellent theme for a doll! I feel like it’s something my sister would go for. :kitty2
    7. DUDE a Tomie would be awesome, and I'd totally make one of her!
      But she's probably disapprove due to the lack of capturing what she sees herself as, haha. I guess the closest a person could get would (much to her dismay) the portrait the artist paints being made into a doll. 8D
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    8. I think a crossroads pretty boy or soiuchi wouldnt be too hard to make happen.
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    9. If anyone here has one, I'd think it'd be @Sadomina. They have so many creepy yet gorgeous dolls!
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    10. It completely sounds like the kind of story he'd have, but I haven't read this one if he does. If there is, if anyone knows the title, I'd love to check it out. I love discovering new Junji Ito stories!

      I know there's one with puppets, and a girl turns into a ballerina puppet. It's the one called 'House of the Marionettes'. That's the closest to this concept in a story I can think of.

      A Tomie doll would be amazing! What sculpt could do her justice? Lot of menace and beauty to capture :P I also agree with that I feel there's a Junji Ito like story in the concept itself... you try to restring her and more parts turn up, until you have a whole additional Tomie doll... Lot of cool photo concepts with such a doll, I think.
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    11. Luts' delf Ju Hee looks just like Tomie! She even has the beauty spot under the left eye.
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    12. I would absolutely love to have a Junji Ito inspired Tomie doll! Beautiful and alluring while creepy and disturbing at the same time.
      For those that are curious the name of story about people turning into dolls is called "Hell O' Dollies".
    13. Omg, Ju Hee is one of my grails and now that you mention it, she does look like Tomie!
    14. I had not read this one! Thank you for sharing the name of it :D!

      @Leeli Luts delf Ju Hee really does look like her! Her sculpt looks pretty versatile too.
    15. Would love to see some. It's not for my personal collection though
    16. I absolutely love Junji Ito’s work and Tomie’s my favorite so far. This would be interesting to see!
    17. I'd love to see some Junji Ito-inspired dolls! :D
      For horror-themed dolls in general, my go-to collector to ogle is @Sadomina. Her horror crew is breathtaking imo.
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    18. Ju Hee is a little young looking for my personal tastes, but omg, I can totally see the Tomie in her. :o
    19. Junji Ito is my favorite manga artist, I'd love to see some dolls inspired by his work. I was going to comment on how much I'd love to see a doll based on Tomie but I see several other forum members have already beat me to the punch. Tsuji Souichi would make a very interesting doll as well. Are there any sculpts that would capture his signature creepy smile well?
    20. Thanks so much for mention my dolls :D
      I really love horror and would like to see more creepy dolls!
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