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Junky Spot is having a black Thursday/Friday sale!!

Nov 24, 2011

    1. The sale started this morning. Throughout today and tomarrow he will periodically change the items on the sale to include select short time specials so keep checking back. WWW.junkyspot.com

      Happy shopping my fellow doll lovers! :)

      (Mods if I posted this wrong feel free to alter or delete it)
    2. If we buy mutiple items throughout both days will the shipping get adjusted and refunded? Because I am sure I'll be finding mutiple things to get..lol.
    3. Send him a message on his facebook or through his e mail. I'm not sure though because of how hes running it. but a lot of items you save so much on it would be worth paying the shipping.
    4. Emory just posted on the Facebook page that the shipping won't be adjust or refunded for multiple orders.
    5. How do you find what's on sale?
    6. You click on the Black Thursday link to see what is listed, and press F5 to update the page every now and then! We honestly will have no clue what Emory puts up there... only that no Bobobies/Resin Soul dolls of MSD and SD size will be featured (so says Facebook on the Junkyspot page there).
    7. Wow, some great prices there - thanks for the heads up.