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JunkySpot Elfdoll Exclusive - Elfdoll Pandora

Apr 10, 2009

    1. It seems Elfdoll has released a new LE at Junkyspot. Pandora is a Lydia featuring vampire fangs and elf ears. She's available for pre-order now, with shipping date scheduled for April 25th.



      Link to News thread: link

      Link to Junkyspot: link


      I am dying--- Why, why, why? :...(
      Vampire fangs arent really my thing, but her ears! and her facup is beautiful~!

      :sweat I think my Lydia just ran for cover in fear I might sell her...
    2. Wow, she is so pretty. X.X I agree though that Vampire fangs aren't so much my thing, but I absolutely love the rest of her! Her ears are so beautiful... :D

      Aah. I wish I had monehs. :...(
    3. OMG. Shoot me and kill me dead right now. She is beautiful...
    4. Aww, thanks guys!

      Here's a quick bit of background on the doll and the design:

      The fangs are small, we kept it that way purposely because i wanted them to be unobtrusive and more subtle compared to most of the other "vampire" dolls out there. The look I had in mind was that she is an Elf that happens to be a Vampire as well, perhaps a "younger" style Vampire. We also changed the style of the Elf ears that the last two JunkySpot exclusives (Aurora and Polaris) had to be a closer match to what i had originally in mind when we started partnering with Elfdoll for these exclusives.

      I wanted something a little different than the faceup styles we've been doing with Aurora and Polaris...something a tad darker of course (since she IS a vamp), but still "fresh" and young. So many of the Vampire dolls out there have either a more gothic or more glamorous makeup styles that didn't fit in with my idea.

      The faceup was a little of an ordeal as I had the Elfdoll artist redo it to my specifications and directions numerous times enough that I felt bad, lol. I'm going to have to send her a little gift or something for the amount of work I had her do just for the prototype sample!

      Background storywise, I've always loved the story of Pandora and Pandora's box. To take it a step further in my mind, she's been tragically cursed by the Gods with Vampire immortality to walk the earth in shadows, seeking to reclaim and imprison the "demons" that were let loose from the box. Whether or not she can accomplish this, and if she can withstand feeding on other humans (and therefore becoming a demon herself) is her own personal battle she must fight until her punishment is done. (For the mythology majors out there, and etc, yes, this is my own take/spin on the story without any sense of timeline or comparitive religion/ideology.)

      The first shot of the promo pictures (the official Elfdoll promo images are in the NEWS section) is the original first proto shot which I'm glad they included to show the teeth, mouth, and ears more clearly. The second shot (straight on head shot without headcap) is the final approved faceup image. After that point, Elfdoll asked what I would like for the promo pictures, and I just said "use your best judgement". I am pretty sure I asked them just to use whatever color dark wig, whatever style, but to make sure the wig type and angle type would show off her ears and teeth. Um, but I don't feel their promo shots did that well, so I'll be taking my own pictures and posting them when they come in as well. Granted, my photo skills are rather lacking, but oh well.

      Overall, a lot more work and time went into Pandora than Aurora and Polaris combined. I hope you guys enjoy her!

    5. Hm. I've been eagerly waiting for this doll, and... I'm sorry Emory, I know you put in a lot of work, but I'm disappointed. I held off from buying a Polaris because Lydia is my favorite Elfdoll girl, and now I'm really regretting it. The longer ears and the beautiful faceup style of Polaris and Aurora was what I was hoping for. This just sort of blends in with every other vampire and elf out there.

      I guess I'll either have to find a Lydia to mod or look for a Polaris on the marketplace. I'm a little heartbroken right now. :(
    6. emory, can I say I hate you! <ggg> (no, not really, but this is a bad time for this gorgeous temptation)
      I absolutely adore this girl and will have to find a way to get her (my ns standard Lydia may have to go). I'm still kicking myself for missing out on a previous exclusive ws Lydia and now along comes this one who is even better! great job!
    7. I like how they are less noticeable... If I had a vampire doll, I'd want the teeth like Pandora's.


      I would love to get her, but sadly i'm sort by about $500 :lol:
      And I don't think I could part with my Newt
    8. Pandora is BEAUTIFUL! I love the subtle fangs. I am looking forward to seeing your photos Emory.
    9. Just a gorgeous doll....great name and the story is wonderful
    10. I have to say Emory, I think she is wonderful, and I love how her faceup style "goes" with Red's.
      Mosaic wolf, have you thought about just changing her faceup?
    11. WOW! Emory, I think she is gorgeous!!! I love her face-up!
    12. Her face-up is amazing! Those ears are my favorite elf-ears I've seen so far! I'd prefer slightly bigger fangs, but the way she is done, she looks good as a "normal" doll so you get both regular and fantasy doll in one sculpt.

      I can't afford the doll but anyone wants to split and sell me her head, PM me.
    13. Though her faceup is really not to my personal taste, I can definitely appreciate the beautiful presentation and the wonderfully done elf ears Pandora has. She's just stunning. :D

      Even if I'm not on the market for another big girl, I'm loving all these Elven Elfdolls from Junky Spot! *secretly wishing for an Elven Wu*
    14. Hmmm... I do like the little fangs, as I'm not much of a vampire person.

      I agree with mosaicwolf: I'm disappointed in the ears, I love long elf ears, and Polaris' were so much like my beloved I ra's, but I missed the chance to order her. I liked Polaris' make up more too, it really reminded me of a Limhwa half elf's.

      This girl is pretty in her own right though. Her ears remind me of Migidoll's Vampire Miho.
    15. I had a limited Lydia from when she was first released that I had to sell (one in the gypsy skirt), and kept thinking about getting a basic Lydia to replace her. I love the Lydia sculpt! She would look stunning next to my Polaris.........might have to order this one. Damnit Emory!
    16. she is absolutely beautiful! such detail in the "bone structure" of the face - and such graceful elf ears!
    17. Oh dear...I'm tempted. I really like the dainty vamp teeth. And I already have Aurora and Polaris. Just what I need...:lol:

      Emory, thanks for the description. I sent you an email inquiring about Pandora.
    18. Wow, her ears are absolutely amazing!
    19. yaaaaay! I ordered her last night
    20. Congrats mhdolls! Keep your fingers crossed that the Job Fairy visits me soon, so I can do the same.