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JunkySpot Exclusive Elfdoll Aurora LE40

Aug 27, 2008

    1. Junkyspot Exclusive Elfdoll Aurora LE40

      Aurora is an exclusive elf ear Soah in white skintone. She is limited to 40 dolls worldwide and available only through The Junky Spot.

      Aurora will come with 16mm silicone eyes in lavender. Faceup is included. Clothing and wig is not included. She will come with fist hands installed, and regular hands separately in the package.

      Preorders for Aurora are now open. Full prepayment and 3 month layaway options are available. You can visit The Junky Spot at http://www.junkyspot.com and go to the Elfdoll 60cm portion of the website.

      We are expecting a rough estimated time of arrival of early October.

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    3. Hey guys,
      Sorry, I haven't been able to be on DoA much lately for the past couple of weeks.

      I've gotten notice that Elfdoll believes that I should have Aurora by the end of next week!

      I do have some 2nd and 3rd round payments that I haven't responded back yet, but I'll be doing email catchup this weekend so everyone that has a full or partial payment in will receive a confirmation email from me this weekend as well as a confirmation request for their shipping address (just in case anyone has moved or is on vacation)!

      Gahh I'm very excited for her arrival! I'm planning on basically shipping as many dolls as are paid off either very same day they arrive or immediately the day after! Thank you guys so much for being patient!
    4. I sent emails to everyone that I had records of payment from tonight. So if you believe you ordered one but did NOT receive an email from me today (October 12th 2008), please let me know via email to sales@junkyspot.com

      Please also check any junkmail or spam mail folders you have.
    5. Another quick update, Aurora is in the USA today, and should be going to/through customs, so I'm going to hazard a guess I'll get her early next week if everything goes smoothly.
    6. And she's here!
      I'm starting to ship out today as well!
      Everyone prepaid right NOW: USA prepaid orders are all packaged up and shipping out today. International orders will ship during the weekend.

      I mentioned a special freebie for people that prepaid in full before the doll arrived, so just to clarify what it is, everyone that prepaid in full by this morning received a brand new copy of the Gothic Lolita Bible vol 3 (the latest one), which is a $19.99 cover price, free. And a free Elfdoll journal, JSpot cards, a JSpot sticker. Also, for customers in the USA (sorry I couldn't do this for international) that were prepaid by this morning, you also received a free can of MSC to help protect your Aurora!

      Besides that, we also put a couple other little fun things for you guys to enjoy, which is part of our regular "thing" we do with all resin doll orders. I am, unfortunately, out of HiChew right now, so I wasn't able to send any out in these packages, but everyone of course got Pocky.

      One thing I have to note: Elfdoll packaged the dolls a little differently this time: the heads are NOT attached to the body, they are wrapped in bubblewrap and inside another brown box which is included inside the Elfdoll box. This is for extra protection for the ears I believe. So don't freak out when you open the box and ZOMG IT'S HEADLESS!

      ...not that I did at all *cough*

      Thanks for everyone's great response to Aurora, I really hope you guys love her!

    7. Do you have any left for sale?