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Just a Thought: BJD Persocoms?

Nov 15, 2008

    1. Today, a friend and I were having a conversation about SmarterChild, and about how we have the voice recognition technology and the programming power to create a program that could be like a personal manager, a thinking PDA, if you will, that could have simple conversations, and do simple tasks, such as reminding you of dates, doing basic math, and even calling out to phones and searching the web.

      And then I got to thinking about Chobits. Chobits, for those of you who don't know, is an anime that takes place in a world where people live side by side with persocoms, computers that look just like people, have programed personalities, and can carry out tasks for thier owners.

      While we are miles away from having real persocoms, like in Chobits, would it really be such a stretch to stick a voice recognition, personal manager into the hollow of a BJD's head, or in its chest? Would it really be such a stretch to put some simple robotics in the arms and legs, in leiu of elastic?

      Now, I understand this idea is kind of out there, and a little creepy at that, but I can't think of a reason this couldn't be possible. Note, I'm not talking something that thinks or feels on it's own, not Artificial Intelligence, but simple programs that we already have, run by voice commands, and responses made with voice files. Maybe, even, at a stretch, the basis of a programmed personality.

      Do you think that it could ever be possible? Would you want it to be possible? Discuss- I want to know what you think about my idea. ^^
    2. That would be really, really cool! I, for one, would love it if that were possible one day. For example, you could tell the doll to stand still, and she'd hold her pose for a picture. It'd save everyone a bit of time with the posing and stuff, wouldn't it?

      Not to mention that simple conversation would be cute. :lol:

      The only problem I'd see is that, with a programmed "personality", you'd be suggesting feelings... and that probably wouldn't bode well with some religious folk ("Humans can't create artificial life! Dolls aren't supposed to have feelings!") But still... it'd be awesome. :sweat And, if it were to get that advanced, you'd have to think about the morals and ethical issues of it... much like it happened in the anime itself, you know?
    3. that would be so awesome! Chobits is my favorite anime series btw ^^
      I hope the day that happens is soon, VERY SOON!
    4. Improving technology makes me think that it's hardly a matter of 'if we could one day', but 'when'. In the next year? Decade? Centuries to come? I dunno. But this barrier will get broken one day. They already have highly advanced robots on Japan- ones that look like humans. Imagining a little robot-doll isn't much of a stretch on the imagination.

      The possibility is there, yeah.

      I personally think that it would be a bit creepy to have a mechanical voice inside my boy telling me brush my teeth in a mechanical monotone voice, but going a step further- a computerized personality, some advanced functions? The idea'd take some getting used to. I don't think the world is ready for that yet.

      Would it be going too far? I think... not likely.

      Would it be cool? Hell yeah!
    5. It's not something that would interest me personally. I'm not into gadgety things that are fussy and can break or make it hard to tweak myself if necessary. Part of the charm of bjds for me is that for as beautiful and detailed as they are, they are also uncomplicated. I also like the way strung dolls feel when you pick them up--they just sort of relax into position and they can pose in ways that are very natural and expressive and I'm not sure you would get that with a robotic mechanism.

      One of the things I don't like about many toys now days as compared to when I was little, is how many more are mechanized in someway, and to me that makes them less cuddly and more remote.

      Also, I don't need something artificial that makes my dolls talk--I know them and their personalities--I created their characters and know the way they talk, think and feel, and that's what makes them so special to me.
    6. I think it's a very realistic goal! Now they have dolls and robots that respond to voice with programmed responses so I don't see why it couldn't be done with BJD's. Souldoll went a little along those lines with the real heart thing! I think in the future there is a really good possibility that a company will do this. As the demands for newer more realistic BJD's increase I believe there will be a response. I for one can't wait for the day when my doll can pose for me by herself, or tell me what music he or she would love to hear. Maybe even a singing idol doll? The possibilities are endless. As long as it is done well I believe it would be a great seller and very popular among enthusiasts. Who wouldn't want a doll that is so very lifelike!?
    7. well, chobits was based on the hobby of bjds ;D

      But... no. I wouldn't want to have anything so complicated in my dolls...
    8. i know i saw a vid of someone with a robot that looked like they stuck robotics in a dollfie dream. it was kinda... creepy looking XD
    9. Hell, I'd be tickled rainbows if I could just put Furby technology in my boys. Now, Furbys creep me out, and they always have, but even if my doll could only turn his head and blow raspberries when I held him upside down, that would be so freakin' amazing.
    10. Well, of course it wouldnt be the same, and in many ways, BJDs the way they are now would be preferable. For many people, the wonder of having dolls would have nothing to do with mechanizing them. It isn't something that needs to be applied to BJDs, specifically, but wouldn't Ball Jointed Dolls be a good outlet for growing technology?

      And personality wouldn't give them thought, feeling, opinion, anything like that, at least the way I see it. I was thinking in terms of, maybe a doll with a cute personality would have a cute voice, only make small, fluid movements, and respond shyly, especially to people whose voice was different from thier owners. An outgoing, boistrous doll might start conversations by itself, and make gesticulations when it talks, and a sarcastic doll would have witty things to say about all the commands you give it. Keep in mind though, all of this would be programmed- You'd hear phrases over and over, like childrens toys that speak right now, but each response would be associated with an action on your part.

      And of course, like most parts of BJD, to have appeal this would have to be completley customizable. All reactions and responses would be programmed by the owner. All applications, calling, keeping track of dates and such, would be chosen specially.

      And I absolutley love the idea of carrying around a dollie, and saying "Play Stairway to Heaven." The doll would respond with something like "I love that song!" and then the song would play from speakers. ^^

      It's just an idea, of course. <3
    11. Actualy After reading chobits i dreamed of a Persucom who was about cherishdoll size so when i got into bjd i just imagined one of them as a persucom and it made me laugh it would be cool to have a "living" BJD... and at the same time kinda creepy
    12. I agree with Taco that it's their simple(non-mechanical) beauty that draws me to dolls.

      I also think that having a computer chip to pose my doll would take a lot of the fun out of it for me. I like to be hands-on with mine.
    13. Oh gosh, they'd be like the laptop models! I would kill for something like that.
    14. If you look on youtube, there are some videos of someone working with robotics and BJDs.
      Personally, I like keeping both my robot and BJD hobbies separate from one another ;)
      Though, I wouldn't mind a little Sumomo
    15. I don't mind I think it's cute. :3 As long as it wouldn't bother the bjd's basic mechanism which is the elastic string that is holding itself up together.

      I don't like talking bjds though, but it would certainly look pretty if they could do basic movements like brushing their hair and giving you a pat or a shake in the hand, BUT in a very delicate and humanish way. Like just imagine how cute it is to see your bjd brushing away a dust from their hair gently. KAWAII!!!!

      As for the walking and posing thing, I'm not sure if I like my doll to be walking around the house and doing poses for me. I have very naughty brothers, I'm sure they'll use it to scare me. It's complicated. I guess simple movements on the hands and head will do.

      A blinking BJD wouldn't help either!
    16. If it's anything like that noisy Sumomo, I'd step on her head!!!! D-:<

      I think we have a long, long, LONG way to go before anything like this would appeal to me. I hate gadgets, they're usually more work than they save, in my not-so-humble opinion, and I don't live *that* connected a life, and wouldn't want to need to!!!

      Though in general, a people substitute is always a good idea to me! XD

      (Curmudgeon Club President or would be if there was one)
    17. They already have those, don't they?
      I think it's called Project Aiko or something. The robot really scared me at first -- I thought it was a real person!

      But yeah, since they already have actualy "persacom" looking things that function just about exactly like a persocom as you describe, why not have them mini-size and in bjd-form? Of course, you can really expect the price to hike.
      If you think 5K is a lot now, I'd love to see a perso-com'd Bermann.
    18. i love chobits. we cant be far off if they have robotic furbies and other animals u can interact with, why not a doll? it would be a whole new breed of doll though..
      i often dream of a puki cosplaying as sumomo, pongpong would have that perfect smile lol
    19. For some reason, I think this would be an awesome idea, not only for it reminding us to do/watch stuff that we might forget but to have a conversation with them even if it was prerecorded. Of course it would be nice if we had persocom like people. :XD:
    20. There's actually the start of one like that... I believe she can sing, and maybe move? I'm not sure... But she's mentioned in this thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253182

      It's a kind of interesting idea, but not something I'm sure I'd like... To me my bjd's already have such strong senses of personality, and I don't think any program could quite match what I think... It would be almost like having a favorite manga character, and then they totally screw them up when they finally do the anime XP
      That and my brother's flat out told me that if my dolls start moving on their own, he's going to do something destructively drastic :eek: