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Just buying dolls that have the same "look"?

Feb 4, 2010

    1. If this has been asked before, please delete, but I did do a search before asking.

      I'm just wondering if you go after dolls that have the same look? And by this, I don't mean just from one company, but dolls that all look like they could be related when standing next to one another.

      Example: Iplehouse dolls look very different from CP dolls. When standing next to one another, they look like completely different products within the same genre. Sort of like standing Faye from Cowboy Bebop next to Chii from Chobits. Both are female Anime characters, but they have very different looks and wouldn't look right next to one another.

      I hope this made sense...
    2. I have a lot of variety in mine--I kind of have to, because I purchased a lot of my dolls to represent pre-existing characters. Instead of buying dolls just because they're pretty or because they go together well, I've bought a lot of them based on how well they work for the intended character. Plus I have more than one story line going. It's the reason I also have dolls from so many different companies--the more I restrict myself by specific look, the harder it is to find what I need.
    3. I try to buy dolls that are very different from each other. I guess I just like variety.

      Edit: I do group my dolls by size, but not by the way their faces look.
    4. I love variety, but simultaneously I want my dolls to "go well" together. I decided the best way to go about satisfying both of my conflicting desires is to have different "doll sets" - each set consisting of a certain look and/or size. If I tried to match every single doll I want to own I would go nuts. *_*

      To answer the OP's question: yes, but only to an extent. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to how my dolls look next to other dolls in their "set," but don't worry about that when it comes to the big picture. As a whole it doesn't bother me so much.

      Does that make sense? :sweat

      I do notice I tend to be drawn to certain types of sculpts, though. Most of them are uncommon, too... which makes it difficult when searching for comparison photos. :|
    5. I bought my two dolls to be friends, and to photograph together, so yes, I went for the same 'look' and scale. It was important for me that they would match. They are both from different companies though (Leeke and Luts).
    6. I guess I kind of screwed myself on getting "similar" dolls from different companies, lol - my first (and so far only) was a DollZone, and while I love the more mature MSD style, I'm noticing that there aren't too many companies that make mature MSD types. I might get a Minifee eventually, but so many of the sculpts (and bodies!) that I run across searching for MSD's are younger-to-downright-kid-ish. I suppose I could get a "younger" doll... but I wouldn't want a 12 year old that's the same size as my MSD 18 year old. :\ And the YoSD's are a little bit disproportionate to the thin DZ bodies, if I was going to go smaller (I don't think I could go larger... I might could do a 50, but the 60's and 70 are HUGE!!)
    7. I definitely have a certain type of doll I prefer, but when it comes to which ones I actually own? They are all different. Three of them are characters from a story of mine, so it was more important that they look like their character and work as a group than just picking dolls I thought were pretty and had my favourite qualities. At the moment, I don't even own two dolls from the same company (though that will change this summer).

      Personally, I think my DM kid, IH JID, and MNF look good together, though they do look a little odd next to my SD AoD boy, mainly due to size. But that doesn't bother me since he was completely random and from an entirely different story line anyway, haha
    8. I buy with a lot of variety, actually. Though I do prefer smaller eyes. That's about the only similar trait a lot of my dolls have. They are dolls that do not have large eyes. Other than that, the variety is huge between the sculpts I have because all my characters are very different individuals.

      Not only that, but I try to push the personalities of the moulds to the opposite ends of the scale from what they were designed for. Like my Chiron for example. He's not sexy or cool. He's a nerd. He's shy. He doesn't talk to anyone and he wears a huge turtleneck and glasses. Not many people would do the to a Chiron - but I love him and he's mine.
    9. I buy dolls with a similar look, it's just more visually pleasing to me. That plus the features which attract me to those sculpts are normally very similar. Such as duck-lips. xD I love duck-lipped dolls.
    10. Well the only reason why I am getting all LUTS dolls is because I like the joints and the only dolls I have seen and touched are my friends. One has a iplehouse JID girl and the other friend has a Illusion spirit 1/4 boy and I don't prefer those. I am going to try out SD volks later on but right now spending limit is 400 XD lol
    11. Um.... Yes and no? :sweat

      I'm the type to buy what appeals to me, but I have a spending limit of no more that $300. I do worry that my dolls won't look right side-by-side, but I honestly wish I didn't. There's a large lot of dolls I want that have oddball qualities compared to other dolls I'm getting that would make them stand out in possibly a bad way.

      Imp Child Vivien has a tiny head compared to his projected "girlfriend" doll, even though he's gorgeous and has the right height and expression.
      Banji dolls are oddly scaled compared to other super tinies in their range, not being baby like at all.
      Mini Dollfie Dreams are well, Dollfie Dreams!

      Despite that, I'm likely to just swallow he oddities and get the dolls I want.
    12. I get this, totally. I am having a dilemma because when I create characters, I expect them to be realistic dolls. So the dolls I have now arent so realistic(whis is good, they are so beautiful!). I think these ones, will just be my creative muses. I need realism in my dolls and writing though. So its not surprising.
    13. all mine look totally unrelated. haha! i just buy the dolls i like, no matter how different they look from each other. :)
    14. Very understandable. I once saw pictures of a Volks LE and freaked because she was PERFECT for one of my characters. I went out of my way to try to get one and was about to, when I saw her in person and she wasn't anything like her original pictures. I was so disappointed, I haven't looked for a doll to be one of my creations since. Now, it's the other way around and I let the doll tell me who he or she is and then I come up with stories for them.

      Back on topic, though, I'm worried now that my new obsession, IH Akando, won't look right next to my Dark Elf Soo... .
    15. I have a mix. It is true that certain subsets of the collection look like family together, but very different from others - the Volks guys & the Iplehouse guys, for example, the family resemblance is unmistakable. My Volks SchoolHead B looks like a basic schoolboy manga character; my Iplehouse Luo looks like Brad Pitt's Turkish cousin. My 10cm fetal Rei-Tenshi looks like a rubber toy that you get out of a capsule-machine; my 80cm Soom Vega looks like a CLAMP drawing of a merman.

      And I love the differences! I don't care if anyone matches. It makes my home feel like a halfway-house located on a transdimensional freeway. Freaks from all corners of different universes all come together, here, to lounge and play and be pampered and have a few cocktails. :chocoheart
    16. I buy dolls that I fall in-love with - that means they all look very different from each other,
      because my taste is truly very varied! I have very anime-ish sculpts (Volks-DD, CP, DZ),
      I even own an anthro, and a Minimee head based on an actual anime character (doesn't get
      much more anime/stylized than that!). I also own dolls that range from semi-realistic, to very-realistic,
      like SoulDoll Paris, Minimees based on FF games/films, and a now discontinued Limhwa Limho Mano,
      and a very realistic Minimee based on RE4 Leon S. Kennedy! I like pretty much everything,
      I grew up loving classical art, but at the same time I watched anime since I was born - so my taste in dolls
      (and pretty much everything else) are pretty much everywhere!

      - Enzyme
    17. Uhh... I never really thought about it! I somehow got a bunch of different sizes; puki, pukifee, littlefee, slim MSD, regular MSD, 55cm (souldoll girl) and Dollfie Dream.

      I never worried about how they would look together. I just bought who I like. To me, they'll always look good together because I like them all separately. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?? :lol: Man, I already have too many dolls to worry about them as a cohesive group :roll: I tend to play with them 1-3 at a time (except for the pukis, who always play together).

      Despite the variety of sizes, I only have dolls from five companies (Fairyland, Bluefairy, Souldoll, Dream of Doll, Volks). Uh, I tend to prefer dolls showing clear, strong emotions. For example, BF Sarang has a clearly serene, smiling expression, and FL MNF Marcia looks annoyed. In the future, I'm most likely to buy from Fairyland because they are the only company whose bodies I can find no annoyance with.
    18. I think this is an individual thing. Clearly, from the preceding answers. It's whatever works best for you within your budget.

      I love the Fairyland dolls also. The poseability is phenomenal.

      Don't you love your kids, er I mean BJD's, for who they are regardless!
    19. So far, I only have one doll-- a lot of the dolls I like though are varying- I like a mature face, I suppose, but that can come in many styles. Currently I'm going to work on procuring a body so that I can create my own face--- I don't know if he'll look similar to my Shoyo though...
    20. a Clamp drawing of a Merman you say? (*looks up pictures*) Dear god, he's STUNNING! (*is obsessed with mermaids/mermen*).