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Just curious (Sei Tenshi, Yo Tenshi, Bambicrony?)

Jan 20, 2007

    1. I was wondering about the wings on these three? Are they all about the same size? Does any other BJD come with attacheable resin wings?
    2. i believe bambicrony wings are smaller than the volks wings, some of them can be a good size.
    3. Yo-tenshi wings are attatched by magnets and are bigger than Sei-tenshi wings which aren't removable. No clue about Bambicorny wings though.
    4. Wing comparison with BC later run Roko, BC first run Kumi, and Yo.


      Sei Tenshi wings seem smaller, and they're attached. Alas, I don't have one to compare.
    5. Some of the optional Yo wings are a bit heavy and make my girl tend to fall over. :sweat
    6. Sei wings are smaller looking than Yo wings and are not suppsed to be removed. Ive seen some owners remove them before and they have small tabs on their backs like this (and maybe wires that go through them?)
      They seem to be able to put them back on easily although they dont show how they keep them on...
      Sei wings also come and different colors and shapes. They look like they might be translucent resin.
      This is the best picture of yos and seis together that I have found. For some reason people never seem to take pictures of them both with their wings on...
    7. I've heard that the bambicrony bodies repel the volks wings
    8. I think each type of Yo has a specific wing they come with, but you can purchase additional wings at Sato.

      Yes, the BC wings are done on the opposite polarity, so the bodies repel Yo wings and vice versa. I wouldn't be surprised if that was intentional.
    9. Ok I just got a pair of the #2 momijii tenshi wings. I found out that you could get a one winged bambicrony. The right wing repels off the body. I do think it is intentional.
    10. I think you can only buy optional ones at special events at Sato. They had one in October where they sold the maple or momijii color wings in three styles. That was when they sold Yo-Tenshi Yuh and Yo-Tenshi Kasumi
    11. You can get mismatched wings. The right wing does repel off, but you can stick the Bambicrony wing on. And then you put the right wing on your Yo-Tenshi, and stick the left Bambicrony wing on.

      I adore the strong way the BC ones stick to the body. I've complained many times about how weak and useless the magnet system on my Yuki is...my Shy's is SO much better.

      And why yes, I DO enjoy doing silly things with my dolls like mismatching their wings. :)
    12. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180373

      They aren't the best photos of just the wings but there's my Bambicrony with the first version Butterfly wings. There are a bunch of posts on the Bambicrony image board (on their site) and the Bambicrony discussion thread (I think it was the old archived one, the new one is newer than that I believe) if you look back to around when that set of elves came out, which was November-December 2007. :)
    13. Sorry if this is necroing an old thread, but I haven't yet found an answer elsewhere nor do I want to start a new thread, but has anyone tried the bambicrony (or yo tenshi really) wings on the soom teenie gems? I know their basic ones and at least some of the monthlies have magnets in their back for wings, and I wasn't sure what their polarities are vs these other wings... also curious about the LittleFee wings in relation to soom's. :) Thanks!
    14. Bambicrony wings won't work unless you switch one of the magnets around- Teenie Gems have the same polarity in both wings whereas Bambicronys are different. So one wing (the right hand side) will work but not both (unless you remove and swap out the magnet). It sounds like Yo Tenshi wings are the opposite (the left side Bambicrony wing will work on Yo Tenshi according to an earlier post), so I'd guess Yo Tenshi wings will both repel from a Teenie Gem unless you switch the magnets? Someone else might post to confirm that, I don't actually have a Yo Tenshi or any Yo Tenshi wings. :sweat
    15. This seems doable if I want to use the bambicrony ones, the magnets ARE exposed inside so if I get the right leverage I can pop it out & reverse one... we'll see, thanks!
    16. The white resin ones will probably be pretty easy to get the magnets out of- mine have come out twice already and had to be reglued just with normal use (they're the cloude wings). The butterfly style wings are pretty delicate though, I wouldn't count on being able to get them out easily without breaking anything. : (
    17. Oh no! I meant in my Teenie Gem's torso, Lilly. They're not IN the resin, the magnets are just like all the other ones on soom's dolls, glued in. :) So I'll pop Lilly's magnet out, not the wings!! :)
    18. Ah, I didn't realize that (I've never fully unstrung my Glot)... I thought they'd be more like the Bambicrony ones which are definitely in the resin- you can see them from the outside! DX

      Good luck then, there's definitely a nice range of wings from Bambicrony! :D