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Just to be safe...

Sep 12, 2007

    1. Do Leekeworld MSD wigs and shoes fit kid delfs? I hope so~ :D
    2. Bumpies? I'm getting my first doll pretty soon, and I'd love to get her a Leekeworld wig and some shoes ^^
    3. I think it would help if you put your question in the title so people who know will look at your post.

      (howto: Edit your first message, then pick advanced and edit the title - something like: Do Leeke MSD wigs fit Kid Delf?)

      And BTW my GUESS would be yes - Old Kid Delf have about a 7.5 inch head. Luts does not list the head circumference in the new Kid delf measurements in each listing, but it you have one, you could measure around the head. I think the Leekworld MSD wigs must be 7-8 because they sell a slighter smaller size (Doll Leeke size, about 6.5) for their own large tinies. So my guess is yes - MSD size would fit. Just a guess though.

    4. I have an MSD Leeke wig and it fits my Ani perfectly.
    5. Yes they do! Leeke's wigs are lovely! Buy away xD
    6. Thanks everyone :)