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Just when we thought 'this' BJD brand is expensive

Jan 29, 2010

    1. and we think we'll never afford it...but one day, we found another bjd...seems less expensive but after adding with face up and else, oh, the price is almost the same...

      Nah, have you ever felt like that? :sweat:sweat:sweat:sweat

      I do...:sweat:sweat:sweat:sweat
      I always thought, ah, I will never get an MSD volks...it's too 'darn' expensive :o...until one day...i drool for a JID of iplehouse...I visited volks again recently and saw that their MSDs are around JID iplehouse's price (both with face up), perhaps a little bit expensive...but if i think i can purchase JID one day, i think i can purchase MSD volks one day...

      Is there any dolls that first you think,it's too expensive that you think you'd never get them but then, somehow, you end up with more expensive than that doll or a little bit less expensive one?
    2. Originally I never thought I'd be able to afford a Volks FCS MSD, I figured I'd be lucky to afford one of the standard MSD models. :sweat Half a year later I have two Volks MSDs, one is a limited and the other is a FCS... And I may get another FCS MSD soon.

      And I never thought I'd be able to afford a Volks SD Kun, but I ended up spending more than that on each of my MSD girls than it would have cost to get a Volks SD Kun. Then I never thought I'd be able to afford a Volks SD Kurumi, yet when I looked in my bank account at one point I realized I had enough to autobuy a Kurumi that was up on Yahoo Japan at the time. :o I decided not to, but still, I could have and I never thought it'd be possible. :lol:
    3. I think for some of us, we need to get into the "saving for saving's sake" habit, of putting money back even if it is not for a specific doll, but simply because we want to save money up for whatever comes our way.

      I know that I really need to get into the saving habit. Seriously. I know I can spend money like water as soon as I have it, and I know that if I put back a certain amount each month that within six months I could buy any doll I damn well pleased. It's just that I like CDs and RPG books and... you get the picture. All these smaller expenditures soon add up and take away money that could be put by for something really nice.

      Will I stop buying these things? No, but I hope to get to the point where if I do buy myself a new RPG book or CD, it is not coming out of the money that I plan to put by each month.

    4. I will eternally whine about not being able to afford a Volks Reisner, while I plunk thousands of dollars into other dolls. ><; I never have problems saving for anything else... maybe I should save in chunks?
    5. Heh, yeah, I've had that sentiment. When I first got interested in BJDs and their close cousins, I was only looking at Dollfie Dreams. I thought DD Nanoha was expensive at $730 or so as a full set, never mind about Fate or Saber. . .

      Then I found a page to Soom Cuprit. So pretty, and hey, $720, about the same as Nanoha. Then I realized that $720 was just body, head, and hoof parts! I did a vague tally of what a fullset Cuprit would cost, and realized it was definitely over $1000.

      Suddenly Dollfie Dreams started to look like a positive bargain. XD
    6. I told myself to save up for a Reisner so I would stop spending money on random dolls or doll clothes that caught my fancy. If I add up the costs of all the dolls I bought last year, it's not that far from what people ask for a Reisner on the secondary market. I just failed at saving up, because I managed to snatch a Reisner head at eBay for a decent price. With the head in my hands I felt less pressure to save up. :doh
    7. *grins* This, in spades... I think it's something of a mental stumbling block for me really: I refuse to pay $X for, say, Suigintou, but at the same time I spend rather more than $X on three or four dolls over the course of a longer period of time. I suppose it helps seeing the money spread over a couple of dolls rather than knowing that all that cash is concentrated in just one BJD, somehow :? Still, it's logic!fail at its finest and I'm aware of that, I just can't seem to get over it!
    8. Time and just being in the hobby builds up one's "resistance" (to take an immunology/medical term :sweat) to the cost. After awhile the 3-figure $$ just becomes old hat.

      I thought my first brand-new 1/3-doll was pricey. Then I got a LE head, and a body much later -- and wasn't fazed when I realized that the doll body alone cost as much as my first doll (and both were from the secondary market). To top it off, I recently dropped almost four figures on a Volks limited SD13, and I thought it was a bargain (and in a way it was, as his price had been reduced).

      It's much the same with peripherals such as eyes and wigs -- I was initially nonplussed by the cost that some glass/urethane eyes can run, but I'm now not fazed, and indeed willing to drop that much money on them!

      Time and experience will do the trick!
    9. yes. sometime i think i wanna try to buy a volks and stopped myself cuz " they are expensive" , but in the end i always end to buy a MD soom that is even more expensive. but i have my answer. soom does layaway, volks not.
    10. Is there any dolls that first you think,it's too expensive that you think you'd never get them but then, somehow, you end up with more expensive than that doll or a little bit less expensive one?

      Way back when MNF were released at Luts I saw them and wanted one quite badly, but the price pretty much shot me down. Too pricey for me.

      Then a couple years later I got an A-Line MNF (cost more than original MNF) and this past year I ended up with a fullset Bygg from SOOM x_x Bygg cost twice as much and is smaller!
    11. Oh boy...I still haven't found a doll as expensive as expensive as a Soom doll that spurred me into the hobby in the first place. But I will admit I've become more immune to price tags. I regard $500 as the "average price" for most of the dolls I want or would actually get.

      The price of clothes still boggles my mind every now and then. Even though I understand triple-digit prices for some of the elaborate, hand sewn, etc. items completely, I still see clothes on sale that should note have price tags that high. I was looking at some of the stuff on Volks and thought "I could make that for so much cheaper or find something much nicer for the same price elsewhere".

      Overall, I suppose prices don't faze me that much when I can clearly see the craftsmanship involved in the piece.
    12. Wow, lucky! :lol: My "average price" is more like $800. $500 is "a good deal" to me. (I'm so poor!) *_*
    13. Ditto. :lol: I always want to snap up any of the dolls I like that I see around $500 because it seems so much cheaper than my 'average', it's like that commercial where that guy walks around Staples going "WOW! :o NOW THAT'S A GOOD PRICE!".
    14. I know! I started off wanting Volks, have continued wanting and buying Volks, and while a lot of people grossly over inflate how expensive they really are (especially the ones who say Volks are expensive but have every Soom MD, all of which cost more than all but the most expensive LE Volks LEs), I find it amusing that I have actually had conversations that revolve around "Yeah, maybe I will try a Senior Delf body. The whole doll is so damn cheap!" Senior Delfs are $485 I think with the type 3 body I have been thinking about.
    15. Yeah, for some really odd reason, the dolls that I'm drawn towards tend to fall around the $500 mark most of the time (give or take a $100). It's not that I haven't found $800+ dolls that I like, but the ones I would definitely buy (or am saving up for :sweat) aren't.

      Maybe my sub-conscious is being intentionally thrifty as possible? I'm not sure...because if it was, then it shouldn't be in this hobby in the first place :lol:.
    16. I never thought I'd buy a Volks due to the price, but I have 2 at or over $1000! My Maki and Olivia are work it, though she is harder to find clothes for!
    17. Yeah, I have to say, I have almost the opposite issue. I started off with a more expensive brand, with a lot of options selected, so now there are many more things that seem like a bargain -- and I have trouble passing up a bargain... ;)
    18. I want 2 dolls from Volks but I always say to myself "they're too expensive so it's impossible" the reality is that I like to spoil my current dolls. I have spent a lot of money on clothes and shoes for my dolls that I still have so many outfits they haven't even used (still new in their packages). I could have used that money to buy the Volks School A I saw once in Yahoo JP but, at that time, I wanted to buy a lot of new outfits from Sadol, 4D and Dollheart...I ended up buying the clothes:sweat

      So, my problem is not the expensive dolls but the expensive clothes. I'm an impulse buyer when it comes to clothes. I don't mind spending $500+ just on clothes but I really think twice (or more!) when it comes to dolls. Besides, I really don't want another doll so the ones in my wishlist are there just because I like them but I have no intention to buy them any time soon.
    19. Dollmore Lusion. Sooooo expensive.
    20. I thought buying Mercutio was expensive, and he was $330 blank... and I bought the wig from the pictures, and the face-up... Then I helped buy Shiku, my sister's Puki Pukisha, and all I could think was "OMG, more than half the price, less than half the resin!"

      Then I got my Woory boy, and I thought he was kind of oddly priced, and he was like, $100 less than anyone else would have considered selling him for... I was like *YOINK!*

      Then I found a Homme Ducan, and I died when I was almost done with the layaway and had only so far to go, I was going to cry...

      In comparison, considering I don't want/need the fantasy parts, my Chalco's cheaper than Benvolio! x.x But when I first saw that $790 price tag, I almost died, he was so pretty... THen I remembered splits XD