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juz wondering about volks xmas SD nono

Nov 5, 2005

    1. does anyone own a xmas version of nono?

      wondering wat was the price it was sold at :D

      and also how limited is it? :P


      edit with xmas nono :D
    2. I haven't the faintest idea..but you'd probably get a quicker answer if you put 'Christmas Nono' somewhere in the thread title :daisy
    3. ok updated... anyone has any idea? :D
    4. Hmm...a cached Google page listed the Christmas Mimi at 75,600yen, so I would guess that Nono was the same price.

      Volks very rarely releases numbers for their limiteds (100 for Momoko, 40 for Madoka Traditional), so there's no way to know how many Christmas Nonos were available. I do know that Volks re-released them for a limited time to the English website, but I think they were only old, leftover stock.
    5. hmmm no one seems to keep stock of old price for dolls :(

      oh well anyonw here owns one?
    6. I saw one go on ebay just a month or so ago. She sold very cheaply. I considered her, but didn't end up bidding.
      I guess there wasn't much interest in her.
      I did think she was very adorable. :)
    7. I'm going to guess the Christmas Nono was originally 75,600 yen, as I said. Notice the price here for the Christmas Mimi.
    8. oh well xmas is round the corner!!!!

      hohoho :D

      so nono can wear SD clothes right?
    9. I bought the Christmas Trio last year and the price for Nono was the same as Mimi. Ryo was about $100 more - ouch. So she ended up being, I believe, a little more that $700 plus shipping.

      Volks would not tell me how limited they were. I believe they were originally issued in 2002. They were all old bodies. I think they were stuck in a warehouse somewhere and brought out again but I was new to SD collecting and knew nothing about old body, new body, pureskin, etc.

      The faceups were very nice and they all had eyelashes and beautiful eyes.

      I have since sold Mimi & Nono without the outfits. Can't seem to sell Ryo but haven't tried in awhile. Hope this somehow answers your questions.
    10. oh ok... oh welll nono's looks gorgeous... :D could i post pics of the trio if u have em? wanna see :D


      so she does wear SD clothes right?

      <=== wants to give her keiko's dresses...
    11. i have an sd10 nono and she wears SD clothes. its sad that not many people like nono. i guess its her melon head and big eyes...my nono was my first doll and wouldn't sell her for the world. i love her so much.

      the christmas nono is very cute. good luck in finding her.
    12. i like her big eyes

      she kinda try to talk to me... oh well keiko finds her cute :D and she's so gentle with the petit Ai-s and PF in my family, kinda nice to have her around....
    13. I have a Nono and I love her to pieces. She was my first doll love. ^_^
    14. I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how. They mauy be gone but they're not forgotten.
    15. did u buy your nono at domuya? coz i don't remember there being a xmas nono in Domuya.
    16. erm truth to be told it wasn;t on display or listed on the net... the auntie who is taking care of the shop showed me her :D and i instantly agreed to buy her... :D

      i think it was a new shipment perhaps... can't remember... :D
    17. It might be new shipment or something Auntie Betty keeps at the back of the shop :) occasionally she does that.
      Nono is sd size though, you have a Happydoll girl don't you? I think they should be able to share clothes fine :)
    18. ic.. do you have any pictures?
    19. i do but i have yet to find the time to upload them.... kenni pictures and the rest of the gang will be up later tomorrow...

      <=== sleepy + tired + hyper

      oh well if i can juz go thru kenni's picture collection then soon

      i have yet to do a photoshoot in a long time... :D might do one tomorrow... :D
    20. well was doing photos and its uploaded




      enjoyz :D