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k-doll discussion

Apr 7, 2005

    1. Is it possible to buy of this site~?
      I'm totally in love with Kill_U
      Does anyone have any info about this site~?

      thankyou X)
    2. I think you need to leave them a message on the 'english order' board. (click 'shop' and the link is on the upper right of the frame...)

      I saw there that it seems they're discontinuing Kian heads. This is so sad. I've just found it in time to say 'nice to have never known you' ^^;;
      Always sad when lovely faces are discontinued...

      (Then again, I might be wrong? But they said 'this is your last chance to order Kian'... :( )

      edited for funky emoticons
    3. It sounds to me like they are still available -

      "*The preorder for Kian and Kayan will be held from 1st of April to 10th.
      *It’s last chance to order Kian, so if you wish to order him please do not miss this time."

      But what an archaic method of payment...!
    4. Last chance for Kian. Too bad... u_u
      I liked him. He's more delicate and less grumpy than Kill_U and Kayan...

      As for archaic, I suppose you mean cash by mail?
      I use that method quite a bit, actually, when buying jrock CDs. Never had a problem yet, even last time, when I sent coins. :oops:
    5. All you need to do is post your order on the English board: http://yuki666.web-bi.net/bbs/zboard.php?id=kianF . If you have problems with posting (like I did), just email her; she's very sweet. ^____^

      I don't think Kill_U is available right now, but Kian and Kayan will be until this Sunday (Apr 10th)! Mina and I just ordered both. XD
    6. Question - does a white K-doll head match CP BW skin?

      I'm toying with the idea of jumping in on this preorder, since it's the last time for Kian and all... and if not, I might think this again with Kill_U when he becomes available again..
    7. I thiiiiiiink K-Dolls beauty white matches Volks better, but I also think you could get away with using a CP body.

      I just got a normal skin Kian head, and it is so yellow it makes my old resin Marin look pink. I think the colour varies a lot from batch to batch.

      CP b/w is completely bright white, but tends to yellow slowly over time, while the Volks b/w still has a tint of ivory, peach etc depeding on the type of b/w it is. Honestly I don't know what type of b/w the Kian heads would be, but I think you should go for it, and if the CP doesn't match to your needs, then start thinking about getting a different kind of body.

      Btw, Kian is too big to sit well on a CP female body:(

      - Therese
    8. Wouldn't be an issue, since those dolls are definitely 'boy' to me. I don't get as smitten with girl dolls, for some reason.
      I mean, I was thinkinga Marin head would be perfect for a character of mine... but I'd put it on a boy body. :oops:

    9. Thankyou so much for the help T3T
      Thats a really big shame with Kian :( I don't think i could gather some money that soon~
      I just hope they continue with kill_u
    10. I agree that Kian has very male features, and I think that is part of what makes me want to make him female. Most people who buy Kian will probably give him a male body and male faceup, which means (s)he will be more unique.

      I also agree that Marin would make a great boy, and her head is big enough that it should be able to work on an SD13 boy body, or at the very least an SD10 or a CP boy.

      Personally I am more attracted to the idea of female dolls - not sure why - but I would certainly consider having a boy some time in the future.

      - Therese
    11. *blinks... squirms*

      I swore that I wouldn't buy another doll after Valerius and Jighad... at least for a while. I still don't have Jighad in my hands yet, haven't ordered him... but I probably have enough to get a Kian head. I was always in love with Kill_U, but Kayan looks so melancholy and Kian looks so snarky and lovely in those photos of him and it IS the last chance to get him.

      $120? I could definitely buy that... but... but... Jighad. And what the hell would I DO with him? *____*;;

      Somebody please convince me of something. xD
    12. Might help, but I just got this email (I'm lazy so I copy paste)--

      It fits well with Luts' pure white, or either Volks new-type pure white.^^
    13. Anyone know- was the Kill-U head sold before?

      I know it is not available right now to order.... but was it sold before, or it hasn't been sold yet?

      I'm guessing it has alreayd been sold at leats once... :oops: Any owners out there? I'm smitten too. *.*
    14. Kill-U has been sold before, and another pre-order for it should open sometime this year. Keep an eye out on the manufacturers English order board for updates.

      - Therese
    15. Will do. ^_~

      Danke, madam. :grin:
    16. I ordered a white Kian. :)

      But I'm a little confused. I know she can't accept Paypal and we have to EMS the money to her. But when? Should we be sending it now or do we wait until she says that our heads are done? And just how does one go about EMSing $120? @_@;
    17. I think it mentioned somewhere that we would send payment when she said so, probably when the heads are done? And that she would give more info about it at the time. Or maybe I'm remembering it wrong O_o;;
    18. She told me I could use Western Union to pay her. She also said to send payment when I got an email that the heads were ready. :grin: