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K-Doll faceup head sale.

Jun 12, 2006

    1. I remembered today that K-Doll is supposed to be selling heads every even numbered month, so I headed over there to see which head they were selling, and saw that there's no new sale this month, but that they're selling another batch of faceup Kill-U 2nds and Specials. Apparently the sale's been going on since June 5th? Since I hadn't heard about it yet I thought I'd post here... I'm sorry if it doesn't belong in the news forum. ^^;

      Here's the link to the pics and prices. I find there's more of a common theme between these heads and the ones sold in the last batch.


      Only two have been sold so far.
    2. Since there's no official K-Doll news thread, figured I'd reuse this one.

      It looks like the last sale of Kill_U 2nd will be taking place in August. No mention of Kill_U Special being sold at the same time. Here's the thread:


      And GREAT news for overseas fans of K-Doll... they're now accepting payment through paypal!


      I hope that news makes some people who were unable to get Kill_U (or ANY K-Doll) before very happy. ^^
    3. How exactly do you go about ordering them? x_o

    4. can you please help me? XD
      im trying to order one of the makeup heads but i can't figure out =how=
      like if i go to post in the english message board, the form is in korean, also i don't know how to get a username and password..
      should i just email them with my order?
    5. I ordered a Kamyu head a few months ago, although I did it when they still required Western Union for purchasing. I asked Mina on the boards who also has ordered before how to do it, and this is what she gave me~ I'm not sure if its the same protocol for the make-up heads, however... But it might still work!

      And if it wasn't said already, you don't really need to sign-up for KDoll. I hope this helps someone!

    6. thanks!
      good to know she accepts email orders XD GSC and i are doing email since we're scared we'll mess up on the board or something ^^;
      i'm going to go try out these directions though..thanks again~ :3