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K-Doll ~ Head Restock and New Heads

Jul 25, 2006

    1. This thread is for announcements of new heads from K-Doll, sales periods for currently available heads, and any other news. Please check the last post for updates. :)

      The final sale of Kill_U 2nd will be from August 1-8th. He'll be available in all three skin tones: Volks normal, Volks white and Luts [Delf] white. Any additional sales of Kill_U 2nd will only be on Yahoo Japan or eBay from time to time. Anyone who misses the August 8th deadline can get on a waiting list and hope that someone who ordered him doesn't pay by August 20th. Heads are now $130 and will probably ship in early September.

      Blood has now announced that she'll only be accepting orders for heads during the first week of EVEN numbered months. Orders will only be accepted in the form of posts on the message board. http://k-doll.com/order.htm
    2. K-Doll has opened it's ordering period for October!!!
      GO! GO! GO! SP Kill_U and Kamyu are waiting for you!!!​

      It looks like Blood has decided not to offer heads with face-ups this time around, so you will be ordering blank heads only! It seems that the artists were having problems with meeting her deadlines or somesuch. Either way, I'm sure this release will make for some very happy doll owners!
    3. Just a note about the October sale. Blood is only selling the heads she has on hand, so don't delay! They'll ship right away, though, since we don't have to wait the usual few weeks for Dollshe to cast them. :D
    4. When will Blood be selling the Kian head?
    5. Kian is discontinued. The older heads Kill_U, Kayan, Kian, and Kill_U 2nd are no longer made. Blood will be selling Kill_U 2nd on eBay and Y!J occasionally, but she will not have any more of any of these heads made. You will need to hunt for a second hand head.
    6. It looks like the December sale will be for SP Kill_U only.
      This will be a pre-order, so there will be a wait for the heads to be cast. Colors available for the pre-order are CP white skin, Volks FCS white skin, and Volks pureskin normal.
      No Kamyu this time, so no Xmas present for me. :(
    7. Does Blood usually make an announcement when she discontinues heads?

      Edit: Thank you! I figured as much, but just wanted to make sure XD
    8. The final sale of Kill_U_2nd was announced in June I believe and the sale wasn't until August so I think she would give similar notice if another head was going to be discontinued. ^^
    9. ah, how does one order if one does not have a Korean registration number to join to post on the board?
    10. You don't need to register with the board to post. Just click the 'write' button at the bottom right of the page, fill in your name (and your choice of password if you would like to make it a private message) and type in your order according to the format Blood has stated on the k-doll website.

      You can use some of the previous order messages on the board as examples.

      Just read the notices here before you post anything: http://k-doll.com/order.htm
    11. :doh Forgot to mention yesterday that SP Kill_U is now available for ordering through the 8th. But you already knew that. ;)
    12. February is an even month, will Blood be selling again? If so, who? From what I can see it hasn't been announced on the site.
    13. Is Kamyu discontinued ?
    14. Blood has not made any statements about SP Kill_U and Kamyu being dicontinued. The only one that has been recently discontinued is Kill_U 2nd. Kill_U 1st, Kian and Kayan are still discontinued.

      In December she was only accepting orders for SP Kill_U heads that she had on hand. She usually takes orders for heads in the various skintones and then has them cast. I've heard that Korean companies that do casting for independant artists have been in higher demand, I have to wonder if she's been waiting for some reserved casting time.???

      She doesn't start the ordering period on any set day and tells you at that time which dolls will be available, so Kamyu may indeed be in the offering next month. If we're lucky we'll see the new boy Khan sometime in the near future.
    15. It says on the site (I stalk it) that they won't be selling any heads in Feb, and to check back in April. =x
    16. There's information about Karon on Blood's site. Does anyone know what it says exactly, and if she changed her mind about the ordering period being in April only?

    17. I guess she changed his name from Khan? :0
    18. It does look like she changed his name from Khan to Karon. :) His mouth is much more refined than in the earlier pictures, but the rest of him looks pretty much the same. She's got photos of him in her Diary. Click on "Karon" in the upper right corner. :)