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K-Doll Kamyu Head on Sale April 1-8th

Nov 22, 2005

    1. *EDIT AGAIN* The Gallery section now has pictures of Kamyu with faceup, as well as pictures of Kamyu snuggling with Blood's own Kill_U Tristan. XD I'm having a really hard time not ordering him. :(

      *EDIT* Pictures of Kamyu in the Talk section! <3

      See later posts below for pics with faceup!
    2. [​IMG]
      (the image was moved to my pb account, as blood says she does not want ppl to directly link
      pics from her site to other places..)

      She says that this is the 85% finished Khan.
      she wanted him to be a more masculine looking boy,
      but she says he looks like a frightened docile child.
      his mouth is open.


      omg.. he's so cute isn't he?
      she's done it again-!

    3. Here's Kamyu with faceup!!
      I found it on K-doll's talk section.

    4. I think that faceup was done by Dolkot... they did a couple of K-doll heads before as far as I know. It seems that the company is taking faceup orders, but I'm not really sure...the site is all Korean.
    5. She said the faceup was done by Esthy. :)
      And you can see on the bottom of the pic, Esthy's name and logo. XD
      Oh, and yes she is the one who does faceups for Dolkot. :)
      BY the way.. I LOVE K-Dolls.. Blood is just amazing.. I would love to get my hands on a Kill_u head....
    6. there is nothing in English board~
      when he will sell??
    7. You have to wait until Blood announces the release period...:oops:
      You can only order during that time.
    8. New picture update!!
      I think the Korean sale is going on this week...@@ Can anyone read Korean?!
    9. The English board is always the last to update because Blood has to have a friend come over and write the English for her.:sweat
    10. Good news for those of you who wants Kamyu/Sp Kill_u!!
      K-doll has updated their English site announcing that they'll be taking orders for these two molds from 4/1 to 4/10.

      Different skin tones will be released each month...which means they're only making Luts skin tones (NS/ BW) in April.

      Looks like they'd also made some improvements on Kamyu's head cap (not sure about Sp Kill_u though...) Check out the Doll Shop if you're interested!!:)
    11. Ahhh...so lovely. I don't have a lot of interest in sleeping heads, but I really want Kamyu. Why did I ever look at this thread?!

      Has anyone done small group orders (like, in pairs or trios) for these heads? 'Cos then the EMS and Western Union fees could be split up.
    12. Does anyone have the english site? That would be so helpfull, I must have a kamyu head >>
      Can you order him with a face up too? Group orders would be another miracle, I think <3
    13. You can order more than one head at a time, but you can only buy them blank.