New Doll [k-doll] 'kasiel' Pre-Order Open Jan 15- 20

Jan 16, 2019

    1. k-doll news

      1. We renewed the shopping mall of k-doll.

      You can now make payments with a variety of payment methods.

      English -> K-doll English

      Japanese -> K-doll Japan

      Chinese -> K-doll China

      Korean -> K-DOLL


      2. Receive orders from kasiel and keikei.

      kasiel is a pre-order and keikei is a regular order for immediate delivery.

      The order period for kasiel is from January 15th to January 20th. Please check the details at the shopping mall.

      3. For the month of January, we will give you a $ 5 deposit for everyone who is a member of k-doll shopping mall.

      The deposit is valid for 6 months.

      Please join us a lot :)
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