Preorder [k-doll] KeiKei sales schedule has decided.

Oct 13, 2017

    1. keikei sales schedule has decided.
      Period is 2017 October 20 to October 30, Because it is a small quantity sale, it can be closed in advance.
      Production period varies depending on the quantity, but is about 40-50 days.
      Orderable skin color is white skin and normal skin, based on Volks
      Thank you ^ ^

      *You can order promotions face up on the photo.(by Micazuki)
      Because it is limited quantities, please order early as soon as the start of your order on October 20.
      * The k-doll homepage is under renewal due to a problem with the system.
      Therefore, we only accept orders by email.

      Keikei head – 2017.10.20~ | K-doll <-link click

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