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K-doll "Making of Kael" event

Jun 3, 2008

    1. First DOD, now k-doll! :aheartbea
      I hope i remember to submit my photos this time! haha

    2. What an awesome contest! :D And it runs for a long time, too!
      Maybe there's a chance I can get my Kayan painted and reassembled before it ends. :roll: Poor faceless jerk.
    3. Please do! ^^ I can't wait to see everyone's pictures! :D
    4. Hmmmmm, if I can just get my Karon some eyes that fit I'm in! It does sound like a nice contest. <3
    5. I'm very excited about the contest! It gives me plenty of time to take some good pictures of Rook. I'd love to win a Kayan. *O*
    6. What a great contest!! ...I am a bit confused about the lottery winner part though. Am I the only one? :?
    7. Oh noooes! I better get started on our boy so he'll have a decent chance in this contest! :XD:

    8. I think what they mean is they will take a bunch of lottery numbers:


      The smallest number in this set is: 8

      So the 8th person who submitted their photos is the winner :)
      If that person has previously won something, then the prize would go to the next smallest number: 9

      This only applies to the first 45 people who submitted their pictures ~