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K-Doll original Kill_U for preorder in December

Oct 14, 2008

    1. Just saw this notice posted on the K-doll site!:whee:

      Hello, this is K-doll.
      From December 1st to December 10th, I'll be taking pre-orders of Kill_u for the first and last time.
      Kill_u is the very first BJD compatible head I made and very small number of it went on for sale in Korea only.
      Although I've said I have no intention to sell Kill_u again, because only small number of it got distributed,
      I decided to take pre-orders from only Japanese and English site. Therefore, if you want to purchase Kill_u, this
      is your chance to do so. ^^

      * Kill_u is not Special Kill_u or Kill_u 2nd. They are all different and hope you don't confuse one another.
      * Availalbe colours are Normal, White, and Luts white.
      * Pre-ordering period starts from December 1st to December 10th, and you are required to submit all payments by December 15th. (starting from 1st)

      Here's a link to his page, for those not familiar with this boy. So many people have longed for him over the years! YAY!
    2. Does anyone know if any other heads will be available at the same time?
    3. Kill_U is the only head planned for the December sale period. :)