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K-Doll Sales Schedule

May 19, 2008

    1. I just checked K-doll's site and found this notice about a tentative sales schedule. Yay!

      Details of Kael will be posted around June~July.
      Therefore, there will be no ordering period in June.
      However, a first sale of Kael will take place around July ~ August and ordering period of Kamyu and Karon will take place sometime around October. (The schedule hasn't be confirmed.)
      Currently, due to a preparation of Kael, I cannot really confirm anything regarding the next ordering period of Kamyu and Karon.
      Therefore I hope you could kindly understand that I won't answer questions regarding those issues.

    2. could you post the k-doll website?
      i tried the link i'd favorited and the site is not existing.
    3. No problem!


      There ya go! ^_^
    4. 1. New Doll~Keal

      Head`s size:8 inch
      Eye`s size:14~16mm (compatible with high-dome eyes as well)
      Available bodies:Volks SD 9, 13 & Luts delf, senior delf.
      * Kael is slightly smaller and a bit more mature looking head than the previous k-doll heads.
      It is an open mouth including a teeth part and for the first time(in k-doll history that is..) is
      compatible with High-dome eyes. ^^

      2.Selling & Sold out
      List of sold out heads. - I don't take any inquiries regarding sold out heads.
      [kill_u], [kian], [kayan], [kill_u 2nd]

      Heads that hasn't been sold out are as follows.
    5. pictures of the full head are up in the gallery at K-doll.com
    6. Does K-Doll do international orders directly, or do we have to do this through a service or agent?
    7. You can order directly. :)
    8. Question.. does anyone know how to register for the site? to be able to post pics for the contest?