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Feb 21, 2005

    1. http://www.k-doll.wo.to/

      hello everyone!!! what know of these heads?
      they are superb and with a friend would like to order some, but it 's a little complicated I find in spite of my correspondence by mall with the creatrice, I don't understand all.
      did somebody already order a head of kian or kill-u?
      thank you.
    2. dollfiewithin ordered one and it should be here soonish. I know the payment system is very strange, cash only I think. Plus the maker only makes the heads every now and again.
    3. They do fit on SD13 bodies, right? The boy bodies, I mean? Or are they smaller?

      Because if they do, and the Seimei head really is completely sold out, then either Kian or Kill_U might work for Qian's head. They certainly have that 'Asian' look that he wants...


      Dollifewithin is getting one? Do you know which one of the two it is? I may have to ask her all about the ordering process.