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K3-BJD Studio Optional New Heads & Optional Hands discussion thread

May 8, 2010

    1. Hi everyone,
      If you want to discuss the new K3BJD studio heads made by Bimong, or the hands.. here is your discussion area.

      There is a news thread, and since you haven't heard of these, they are compatible with SD and SD-13 sized comparable bodies.
    2. Same thing that I thought when I first saw him. He's definitely in the same vein as Akihiro Enku sculpts like Chris, Lucas, Sasha, Michele, etc.
    3. Oh dear... H-02 head = Love at first sight! <3 He reminds me of my old Volks Chris, I need to add a H-02 head to my family asap! :D
    4. I had the same thought. Like looking at an F-16/old F-28 whose features have been rounded out a bit. :huh?: Not sure how I feel about that.
    5. I think H-02 does look like some volks molds, but not in a way it would have been copied, it only has the same air, just like some Crobidolls have, for example. :)
      I fell in love with the H-01, it has such melancholic eyes. <3
    6. very volks looking was my first impression. I was hoping for a very feminine female that had a distinct Bimong look to it.
    7. Well, I can assure you the heads are original. Bimong usually doesn't do the more Anime' styled dolls, but he decided to add a few of that style for his own personal interest. He has a couple video games with Anime' characters he really enjoys, and I feel this is part of the inspiration. His favorite style is still the more human-looking doll head, but he had fun creating these.

      Bimong's friend owns K3 studios, and he asked Bimong to make some heads and hands that he could make in his minatures studio. K3 likes making SD sized doll props and accessories, so he felt the heads and hands would be a good thing to have to go along with all his accessories. Because of Bimong's former licensing contract with Narin Creative, Bimong could not create any heads or hands which would be associated with Narin Dolls and license them elsewhere.. so that is why they are for the wide variety of SD and SD-13 sized dolls.

      If you want to personally ask him about these heads, feel free to visit his online studio and see some of the projects he has in the works. There is a chat message panel there, so go ahead and ask him about H-01 and H-02.


      Thanks for your interest!:aheartbea

      PS. The Cup Hands are "wicked." Only one set out of five makes it through the casting stage because they are absolute murder to cast. That is why they are a bit more expensive. But they are really cool.
    8. I was also hoping for that! :) Well, I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting sculpts to come.
    9. Wow, the Neonarae body and Neferti look both really nice!
      Can't wait for them to be released, but in the meantime I'll be saving my pennies for this H-01 beauty, and some other things I'd need from Bimong...
      Not sure if I'll be in time for the may event, which is a pity, but I'll gladly pay a little extra to get the girl home. <3
    10. Neferti is a beauty! I really like her sculpt. :)
    11. I love the camera and iPod accessories! I wish they were MSD scale, but I think they're A-cool just as they are. =0
    12. I think the style of the heads are very interesting, definitely in the more Volks/Little Monica/Croibidolls vein though. I am wondering in fact how the heads would look on a Shinydoll body. Hmmm....

      Also the more I look at them I see Bimong's style, as well as the fact that he is such an amazing sculptor. The details are much different from a Volks head. Don't get me wrong, I love Volks (see avatar for proof) but I have never seen a BJD whose work mimics the human face the way Bimong's does. His faces are eerily alive, and the truth is the devil is in the details. Just look at the eye structure, the jaws. You can sense the bones under the skin. Ugh, now I need an 01 head, sigh.

      Also I do love the style of the F16, Chris, so on, one of my favorite dolls being my Masha Louise, but their faces do not have the naturalism of the 02 sculpt.
    13. I'm agree, the style is very closed to Volks. But the way, heads are very beautiful!
      I'm very happy to see all these news in dollfair those days.
    14. don't get me wrong, I didn't say these were Volks copies, just that they had a similar look and not a style I would associate with Bimong.

      now I just saw the photo of Neferti and she is more like it! Gorgeous, and clearly in his usual style.
      When will that head be available?
    15. Boo I want to go ahead and place an order for the H-02 head- but the 'old skin' resin colour thing is making me confused... :( I guess I'll wait and see if the heads will be available in Pureskin and/or white skin *fingers crossed* ><

      Has anyone placed orders for any of the new heads yet? ox
    16. I talked to Bimong last night and K3 heads won't be available in different colors for awhile, because they are made in a different studio than Narin Dolls. They are casted at K3.

      I think if you look at H01 you can definitely see Bimong's style and a little bit of Narae. H02 is more of a departure but still his style is there if you look. I think maybe some of the Volks look comes from the H02 facepainting, which was more dramatic than the usual styles you see on Narin dolls. The "old skin" color is what is produced at K3, so we won't see the wide range of color options you can choose with the Narin dolls.

      Neferti and Shahti are more his favored style, and that's the style we'll see more of in the future. There will be an African Shahti next, in dark dark resin.

      Stella Maris makes a really spot-on comment about Bimong's H01 and H02 sculpts-- he starts with the bones when he is sculpting. It's always his mission to put emotion in every doll face he sculpts. If you go to his studio page at Dollfair, you can see the Shahti head from the beginning sculpt process, and see the "bones" in place, and then how he moves on from there. Cool! Feel free to post a question in chat and he'll answer it for you.

      I'm behind updating the pages on Dollfair due to all the Limhwa dolls we had to ship this week. It's always like that-- when I have a huge web update to work on, something even bigger gets dropped in my lap. Anyway, any more questions I'll drop by and answer as best I can.
    17. thanks for the additional info Catrina. I'll be watching for Neferti - I love her look.
    18. I'm definitely also anticipating Neferti. I think she's gorgeous and definitely has the Bimong aesthetic I enjoy.
    19. Just wondering - the page says that Narin my angel is available on May 8th? but I cant see a place to buy it?