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Kahn & Censya - Lati Guardians

May 10, 2007

    1. OMG they are wonderful :o I love both, and her dress, and the moldo and... i'm going crazy! I love Lati :aheartbea
    2. I'm pretty sure they're red line, actually. The LatiBlue girls are very thin and waif-like, and Cencia Pailoneer has a very strong body in comparison. Ah well, we'll see in a week anyways. :) Also, the Lati-Novella page is up at last. I took a cap. I had forgotten that some people were having problems accessing the site.

    3. Omfg.... her clothes are PERFECT for my character... -_- but there's no way I'll have the money in time *DIES INSIDE*. ;________;

      Anyone want to split her with me? Lol -_-
    4. Pardon me, I'll be over here ROBBING THIS BANK....I want that girl SO BAD. I love Lati dolls and she's gorgeous and she'd go wonderfully with my Uyoo elf...
    5. omg... ;________; How beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest!!!
    6. OH god. Torment. I' just got an elven girl, I can't but... *wail* She's gorgeous.
    7. oh wow, outfit is to die for!!!!
    8. oh wow! I really want her
    9. So Kahn & Censya are totally new molded heads?? (I'm having problem loading Latidolls so I can't look at it closely T.T)
    10. I think that Kahn & Censya is blue type.
    11. Man, I want Censya sooooooo bad.
    12. They are both lovely, and I wish I could get the web site to work so I could look closer. I am in love with Censya! If anyone finds out more information, I would appreciate it if you share here! Thanks!
    13. I don't know a lot about Lati, but in the picture of Cencia there is a pink/red logo and the form is exactly the same as the redline logo, so I guess they're going to be in the redline which means that gorgeous as they are with all those amazing clothes, they're going to be really expensive :( (At the same time I might be totally wrong.)

      Anyway I should begin to play lottery!
    14. Wow possible redline girl? and I love her face mould! Perfect for one of my girls and my Lati Boy will have someone similarly proportioned!!!
    15. oh god
      now why now?
      ewhy is it always so hard to find right white clothes that will fit my white kyuubi girl´s aggresive guardian side and show off the tale? this is PERFECT!!

      ANYONE WANT TO SPLIT I WANT THE CLOTHES ! (well I would not need the bow just hte outfit)

      and I just finished paying my sdecond doll *dies*

      EDIT;: THe site drives me CRAZY!
      there are no pics except one of the girl on the side, just like fanarts with little sparkles saying " contract of the soul" or something and like thumnails that move fast when you wanna click themn but ince you are able to, there´s no more info and no pics, not even this one posted in the theread
      I wanna see more of the outfit!!!!
    16. very tempting. I hope for more info soon. I'm a sucker for elves!
    17. I also am a sucker for elves, and I just love this girl! It's driving me even more insane that I can't get on the Latidoll web site :doh . Can anyone tell me why some people can't access it at the moment?
    18. I don't know, I was just looking at their site. NO info or any pictures really. ::sigh:: so we have to wait till they post something.
    19. i love the elf girl =D