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Kanadoll Discussion

Apr 1, 2015

    1. Hello! I recently discovered Kanadoll, and thought I'd start a thread for her works. :)

      Kana is an artist working with Rosen Lied, and Kana Doll is her personal project. So far she is only making heads, and there have been three sculpts released, with one currently in production.

      The heads she's created so far are:

      Kana seems fairly active on her blog, tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. She also has a Flickr account that she updates every now and again.


      I ordered two Adrians in her recent ordering period and received them this past Saturday. :) Both NS and WS match well with Volks, and I've put my NS head on my Switch Humming Dolly 65cm body, but have ordered an Iplehouse body for my WS head. I don't know how the resin will match, and am hoping I don't have to do a lot of blushing to have them look good together!

      Is anybody else waiting on an Adrian, or have one of her previously released heads? What bodies are you using/looking to use for them?

      Here are my two Adrians, with not-very-good faceups by me. :sweat I'm still considering sending them out for faceups from someone who actually knows how to paint! They are twins, April (WS Adrian girl) & Paris (NS Adrian boy). April is shown on a Volks SD16 girl body which is a very good fit, though the body is NS.

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    2. Great idea to start this thread :)
      And nice twins !! Your choice of bodies look really good !

      I also discovered Kana's work a few months ago !
      I was lucky enough to be able to order a Lune and Adrian, but missed on Len.
      She once told me that she planned on releasing them again (no dates though).

      I just received Adrian, so he's still blank, but I can show you my Lune :)
      He is on a Spiritdoll Elegant body, but I think both Lune and Adrian would be perfect for a 65cm body, as 60cm is a bit small.

      Here he is (click for bigger/better image) ^ ^ :

    3. Your Lune is a very cool guy! :D Do you have plans for what body you'll put your Adrian on? I look forward to seeing him painted! ^^
    4. Oh heeey, I just got my Adrian too :D Mine is gonna be on an Aprilstory body. Also your Lune looks really good, like kana actually painted it! o-o both your dolls are super gorgeous <3 And I like the faceups you gave them. I really like the top eyelid color. The gold on your twin boy's eyes are perf.
    5. Thank you ^ ^
      Well, I have a Loongsoul 68cm body ordered but in yellow normal skin so I doubt it will be a match for my NS Adrian which is pretty rosy. But if I like it size-wise, I may order another one in pink. Also I have some views on a Popo 68cm. Switch or Luts 65cm looks good too (and the match would be nice), if I found one affordable on the market ^ ^
      I'm sure it will look good on an April Story body too ! :)
    6. SugarBenki Thanks for your compliment on my boy's eyeshadow! XD I really liked the blushing I'd put down on both their heads, but I'm terrible at actual acrylics, and messed him up once I started painting. Darn shaky hands! :sweat I'll probably redo his faceup and try to get his eyebrows/eyelashes right soon!

      I did want to post to say I got my girl's new body in today! She has a WS Iplehouse SID body! The resin match is actually pretty good! Kanadoll resin is a bit more yellow-toned, which I expected, as it matches well with Volks. It's not terribly noticeable though, and only really showed up when I took some phone pics first thing. The regular-camera photos look better, IMO.

      I will have to do some sanding on the top of the neck though, as I did not realize Iplehouse necks get larger at the top instead of tapering?????? So while the body and neck size are a good scale for the head, it doesn't sit as well as it could, if the neck wasn't so weirdly huge right at the top. :doh

    7. Congrats [MENTION=2595]thesaraghina[/MENTION] !
      This hybrid definitely looks very good ! Can't wait until you make the mods on the neck ! I would have never considered in a million years an IP SID body for any SD heads because of the neck size, but if you manage it, then, that is certainly an awesome choice !!
    8. [MENTION=67507]Marlequeen[/MENTION] Thanks! :) And you know, I did a lot of shopping around for the right girl body - I was originally going to get a white Volks SD16, but I wanted a larger bust and most other comparable sized girl bodies with large busts have skinny necks! I'd found some measurements that told me the SID girl was similar to SD17/Switch 65, which was the size I was going for, and it is, mostly! Except for the weird top of the neck! XD I'd imagine some of the larger guy SD-sized heads could fit on the IH girl bodies pretty well, but I bet the IH guy bodies are all way too thick-necked for most hybrids. I'm just lucky I needed a bigger-scale girl body for my Adrian! ;D
    9. Kana's Boy Head are great!! However I am not good at take care boy doll so I didn't order her boy head.
      I am happy to konw that she is start making girl ^ ^
      I am looking forward for her Bambi ( both Senior and Holiday Ver. XD

      I do hope that Kana can provide make up service for her doll as her makeUp is so amazing.

      thesaraghinayour girl look good in the Iplehouse body. After you sand the neck, it will be a perfact match!!

    10. My Adrian on popodoll 68 body. :dance
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    11. [MENTION=68400]PaiPai[/MENTION] Thank you! I'm glad I went with this body, it's very voluptuous! :XD: And I like Kana's senior Bambi a lot too, and am looking forward to seeing more of her! According to her Instagram, it looks like she's going to start working on her next week! She reminds me a little of Volks Luna. ^^

      [MENTION=47893]persona-S[/MENTION] Wow, he's so handsome! :love The body is a great match and scale, too. You should definitely share more of him! ;D
    12. Kanadoll Boy heads are just wonderful, I love their non adult look. Could anybody show a normal skin resin comparison with some other company?
      What about Dollstown oriental or April Story ns,would that match?
    13. I really love the look of her Adrians, and her photos of her sculpts are always so beautiful. I can't wait until her next order period, I'm so tempted to snag one of her lovely sculpts for myself!
    14. TatianaB your boy is really cool ^^ I'm impatient to paint mine !

      Need time !
    15. My Adrian is on Little monica Harmony Boy G Body
      resin match is great just that kanadoll resin is a very tiny bit more peach tone but I think it's quite not noticeable, so it perfect!
      neck circumference is fine too :)


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    16. I don't know about April Story NS, but Dollstown/Dollshe Oriental skin is significantly yellower than(at least the brand new) Kanadoll NS (which is peachy).

      Congrats !!

      He is lovely, I definitely needes this body <3

      Good luck !! :)

      Here is my painted Adrian :

      Adrian all finished by marlequeen
    17. Thank You titytetee and Marlequeen for Your good advices. I will wait till I have my Adrian head in hand. He will receive a face up by the previous owner. Your boys are all sooo wonderful and so different. This mold is very versatile.
    18. How lovely !!
      /goes to Flickr to see more ^ ^

      you're welcome !
      He is very close to Switch color too !
    19. Marlequeen His eyebrow are awesome !!

      I painted my boy today but I'm not happy :( I will retry another day !
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    20. @Youpla: WHAT? Why aren't you happy?! He's gorgeous!! LOLS. I love the little skin texture detail around his nose and cheeks!
      @Marlequeen: WOW!!!! I loooove him!! He looks so unique and somewhat fierce and mysterious at the same time, haha!! I love his eyebrows too! <3
      @titytetee: Awww, your Adrian looks so gentle and sweet. He's beautiful!!
      @persona-S: Your boy is so adorable!! I really like how his colors give him a soft and dreamy tone.
      @thesaraghina: Your Adrian girl is interesting! I would love to see more of her! She's beautiful!

      And here's mine. He's on a Normal Skin Switch HummingDolly's 65 cm body that I got towards the end of last year and like Marlequeen has mentioned, the skin tone is pretty close. I think the Switch resin color might be a teeny bit yellow, but not something you'll notice. I did blush my Adrian's head more peach so he'd match the Switch resin color.