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kaourika's feedback

Jan 26, 2011

    1. Thank you very much for doing business with me! :cake:
    2. I've been lucky enough to buy not one but two pairs of eyes that kaourika's made...

      14mm Copper

      18mm Aqua

      ...and I am a fan for life! I plan to get a pair of her eyes for every doll I own!

      Great prices, astounding quality and clarity, vibrant colors, super speedy shipping, and marvelous communication. Honestly, one of the best sellers I've done business with!!
    3. Through I Eat Paper, I purchased some eyes that Kao made, and the quality is superb! I eagerly anticipate more! ^_^
    4. I purchased a pair of 16mm eyes made by kaourika, and they are gorgeous! I love the color, and their depth. They're beautiful!

      Kaourika was great to communicate with as well. :)

      My eyes were very carefully packaged and arrived safely and quickly. <3 Overall, this was an excellent transaction and I'd love to buy from kaourika again!
    5. I purchased a pair of 10mm eyes made by kaourika and they are honestly the most amazing eyes I have seen in person! The color is so vibrant and the eyes fit perfectly! Her sales communication is awesome and the eyes were packaged very well. They arrived safe and sound.

      I cannot wait to get my next pair! Thank you so much! :)
    6. I purchased a pair of 14mm Buttercream eyes. Not only completely gorgeous, but they were packed well and shipping was extremely fast. Will most definitely be buying from again. :3
    7. I commissioned a pair of eyes and dealt with both Kaourika and I Eat Paper. <3
      The eyes are gorgeous and I love them so much I have to invent more reasons to buy eyes from her!!
      Thank you so much!!!

      [​IMG]And here is an unflattering picture of said beautiful eyes.
    8. Kaourika just bought 2 dolls from me, one of them on lay a way, and she was a joy to deal with. She paid her lay a way exactly when she said she would, and paid her last payment early. Communication was wonderful as well. A wonderful buyer all around. I highly recommend her.
    9. I bought form Kao, loooovely 20mm Magic, with special pupil eyes :D
      They are so beautiful :D :D :D
      Kao sent them really fast and great packaged XD
      Soon all my dolls will have eyes from Aisu :3
      Thank you again Darling
    10. I never knew eyes could look so stunningly beautiful! Not only is Kourika a fantastic crafter, but a wonderful seller! Communication was fast, friendly, and insightful--what more could a buyer want? Shipping was fast and amazingly well packaged--nothing but the best custom cutout foam for these eyes!

      I only wish I had my doll already so I could post a picture of her wearing these beauties O_O

      THANK YOU!!! :D
    11. I commissioned a pair of specialty eyes from Kao (initially dealing with I Eat Paper) and I couldn't be more pleased. They are gorgeous, Kao was gracious and the packing was phenomenal! A pulled shoulder is keeping me from putting them in my doll's eyes, but I hope to get a pic added this weekend!
    12. I bought a pair of 16mm Ginkgo from Kaourika.. It was a very smooth transaction and she sent it very fast!.. takes pictures of the eyes before sending them to make sure neither of you are missing something :)

      eyes are really stunning! I would definitely buy again from her~ :aheartbea

    13. Kao adopted my Soom Idealian Pangen off of me and I have to say it was one of the easiest transactions. She was very prompt, Very polite, friendly and informative. Excellent buyer and I highly recommend her to anyone. I made a Doa friend for life ;) Cheers!
    14. I bought an incredable pair of Viole(n)t eyes from Kaourika! they are stunning, truely a work of art! She held the eyes for me for quite a while, but sent them out the day i paid~
      I cant wait to do business with her again.
      Thank you so much! ^w^
    15. I bought a pair of eyes from Kaourika. They are absolutely the most beautiful eyes I've ever had.
      Shipping was super fast; packing was extremely careful too.
      The eye threads are very clear, and the eyes are still bright when lighting is poor.
      I will come back for more! Thank you Kao!

      The color I bought is Riverbed.
    16. My 18mm Orange eyes arrived today - they're stunning, and exactly what I've been seeking. Great clarity, and will stay bright in a narrow-eyed doll. Kaourika's also very nice and packed them carefully. I'm eager to buy from her again.
    17. I bought a pair of gorgeous 20 mm eyes from her and they are prettier in person than they were in the pictures. She shipped super fast. Thank you so much again!
    18. I got 2 pairs of beautiful eyes from kaourika! gorgeous deep rust albinos and a simply stunning gradated ocean/sky blue! She is totally polite, professional, was willing to hold my eyes after i had purchased them to ship when someone would be home, and her eyes are just absolutely amazing!!!! i willl post quality photos as soon as i return from my stay abroad ^_^

    19. I purchased a pair of 18mm Riverstone eyes from kaourika. Her communications were prompt (virtually immediate), and she took the time to explain that the irises in this particular pair of eyes were not veined in the usual way. As the pictures were amazing, I hardly minded. She kept me informed every step of the way, shipped next day, supplied a DC number to track and the packaging was such that I think no harm could possibly come to the eyes unless a steamroller drove over them! The eyes are even more spectacular in person. They work light as have very few other eyes I own. Stunning quality and crafts-person-ship! I definitely plan to work with her again!

      (Actual colour is very, very close to the colour in the photos on my monitor. I'd call my pair wide-iris 18mms.)

      You guys are gems! :aheartbea
    20. I purchased a pair of kaourika's eyes (a 16mm Aqua pair) and not only were the eyes absolutely gorgeous, but she was great to deal with as well. Her replies were always quick, she shipped the very next day, and the eyes were very carefully packaged. Fantastic seller!