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kar120c Feedback Thread

Oct 7, 2008

    1. Lovely group of people. Thank you so much!
    2. I got the doll she is great shape, still waiting for the outfit, shoes, and wig she was sold to me with.
    3. I can't seem to edit my first post. So, I just wanted to say I got it, the outfit is amazing. I love it. And you were a great person to deal with even if the outfit decided to tour the US before it came home to me. My mother in law loves it.
    4. Excellent buyer! Fast payment and nice person to deal with :aheartbea
    5. kar120c purchased a Luts Lishe from me. Nice and easy transaction - can't ask for more. Lovely to work with and great communication. Highly recommend her. Thanks very much and enjoy!!
    6. Jane is a wonderful lady, very honest and lovely. Her payments were quick and easy. The transaction wonderful, and in the process, I found a friend.
      I couldn't be happier.
      Thank you very much Jane!!!
    7. I bought a Bobobie March and pair of shoes from kar120c and it went fantastic! Quick shipping, nicely packaged and cute extras too! Thank you very much!
    8. I bought a Ppoppo from kar120c. I couldn't have asked for a nicer, kinder, more reliable person to deal with. She even included free clothes so the little beauty didn't have to travel naked. I would work with her again anytime.
    9. kar120c did a trade with me. She sent me a Dollmore Tan Asha and I sent her a DT Rhea head faced up. I am very happy with our trade and hope she feels the same. Hugs, MK
    10. i did a doll swap with kar120c. she is a lovely person and very friendly to communicate. she sent her doll to me first since i'm on our Chinese new year and can't not ship mine in time. the doll arrived today in excellent condition. thank you very much.
    11. Recently had a transaction with Jane she is an incredible lady I can highly recommend to all that ask..

      : ) shes one of the Best
    12. Jane is a wonderful seller! I received my DIM Flowne today in excellent condition! I highly recommend! =o)
    13. I bought an adorable fairy/ballerina outfit from Jane, and it arrived right on time, in great condition, and very well packaged. I'd absolutely buy from her again. Thanks so much!!
    14. I bought two Volks heads from kar120c. She shipped them out at lightening speed and they were SOOO well packaged! You could've dropped the box from a 10 story building and both girls would've survived no sweat. I am really happy with everything about this transaction from her friendly attitude to her great communication. I would definitely buy from her again :)!
    15. I bought a Fer outfit from kar120c and it arrived fastlely and safely!!
      A wonderful transaction!! I highly recommand her!! :):)
    16. I bought a purple fer in MSD size from kar120c fast shipping and wonderful to speak too! Would buy from her again in a heartbeat
    17. Had a wonderfull transaction with kar120c. She paid very quickly and it was a pleasure dealing with her. Thank you so much for giving my doll a new home.
    18. Bought two BC dolls from Jane. She is sweet, keeps you well-informed, and packs things up very well!
    19. Promptly paid for my BBB body. =) Friendly seller with great communication. Let me know when the body arrived. ^__^ :aheartbea Thank you!
    20. Jane bought a doll from me (CH Choa). She was a joy to deal with. Perfect from start to finish!