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Kawkana Feedback Thread

Jun 2, 2010

    1. If you buy ore sell me something please live fedback :)
      Thanks :)
    2. 100% positive :)

      I bought small bears from kawkana. Kind cominication, quick shipping and lovely teddy bears! Just pleasure :) thank you
    3. Anna bought a doll from me and the overall transaction was excellent. She was always polite and cheerful in our PMs and her payments were prompt. She also let me know when she received her new tiny.

      I would gladly deal with her again if need be. Thanks a lot! :D
    4. Kawkana bought two pairs of eyes from me. Transaction went smootly, I definetely reccomend her as a buyer.
    5. Bought several tops from her - got a discount too :3 Shipping was quick and they're well made and lovely quality.

      Throughout the transaction she was pleasant and informative and I couldn't recommend her or her clothes more highly.

      Thanks Kawkana - I'll be looking every time you update your MP thread!
    6. I bought some clothes from Kawkana and they are amazing!!!
      She especially did these clothes so that they fit my girl.
      The whole transacion went smoothe, she is really nice and ships fast.

      So thanks again so much, I can only recommend you to all others.
    7. I purchased an MSD/MNF outfit from kawkana and as mentioned above, the clothes are excellent quality! They fit perfectly and were shipped quickly! Thank you so much!
    8. I bought some clothes from Kawkana and they are so beautiful!
      Perfect transaction! All went good!
      Super nice clothes!
      Thanks a lot!
    9. Bought some msd clothing from Kawkana and they are amazing! Definally worth it in my opinion!! Will for sure buy from her again and recommend to all.
    10. I bought some MSD sized lingere from Kawkana and I have to say, I absolutely love them! I want to buy some more right away. Very adorable and well made, and she was kind enough to make some to my specific color request, although she didn't have any on hand made. Nice to work with and great design. Will buy again <3.
    11. kawkana participated in a small brush-GO held by me. Everything went very smooth, I highly recommend her :)
    12. I ordered a bunch of underwear and stockings. Transaction was excellent. Kawkana's work is a great quality! All fits perfectly and is very well made to the details. Thank you!!!!
    13. Very professional, wonderful clothes, of great quality! Easy, smooth transaction, overall a very nice experience!
    14. I have to admit, I've put off leaving feedback for my transaction with kawkana because I don't like to leave negative feedback when we're all part of the same community.

      That being said, all buyers and sellers deserve the right to make a fully informed decision before they take part in any transaction so I feel like it is necessary for all transactions to be reviewed fairly and thus my feedback is as follows:

      (Please note: all dates are in Australian local time)

      On 23/05/2011 I made payment to kawkana for a commission of goods to be made for a Kid Delf once she had PM'ed me stating she could make it based upon my measurements provided.

      By 24/06/2011 I had still yet to receive the item so I PM'ed kawkana asking when specifically she had sent it and whether it was sent via airmail as I had paid for.

      I received a reply stating she'd forgotten about my item completely, would sew it up and send it off as soon as possible.

      On 08/07/2011 I queried her again as I had not received the item or any communication from her that it had been sent.

      On 12/07/2011 she advised me that could not find the receipt from the post office confirming that the item had been sent and as the receipt loss was her own fault, she would make and send me out another set again.

      I replied straight away and told her that honestly, by this point I was no longer interested in the item or dealing with her and would just like a refund instead.

      3 hours later she advised that she had "already sent the item anyway" which I found odd given that she would have had to make another set again before mailing it to me.

      All in all it was a very poor transaction with a lack of communication. It felt like one problem after another and most disappointingly of all, at no point was my request for a refund even considered, everything was ultimately brushed off and I am now left with an item I don't want any more after all the hassle it took.
    15. I agree that buyers have a right to have full informations before purchasing anything. So I have to add fiev facts for Lioness fedback.

      She purchase the item on 05/05/2011, she paid for it on 23/05/2011 - so I wait two weeks for her paymed.

      I've send the item about 15/06/2011 maybe (I can't remember exactly) I agree that it's late but I have private problems (my two boys was sic) so I cant send it earlier.

      After her PM from 24/06/2011 i wrote her back (quoted exactly):

      So It's not true that I forgot of her item, and don't even sew it, I just forgot to let her know that the item was send. Maybe my english is not perfect but I don't have any trouble with comunications earlier, I thougt she understand me correctly.

      On the late June and early July I was on hollydays with my family.

      On 07/07/2011 she asked me what day I shiped the item. I wrote her back that I'm not at home an I will back for a fiev days. I will check it and let her know.

      When I've back home at 11/07 I was loking for confirmation from post office. It's gone. I was looking for it everything without any results. So I decited that the best way will be send a new set to Liones.

      Next day wrote her that I miss the confirmations. It was my failure that I miss it and I will send her next clothes.

      She wrote me:
      ---I understand that she don't want me to send new item, and she don't want to do anything more with this. As you see she don't asked me for any refoud. The parcel was't insured (the shipping was $7) - she never asked about it. So it is the buyer risk when the parcel is missing.
      However I miss the conformation of sending, so I think it is not okey not to do anything more, like she asked me for. I wrote her back that I will feel very bad If she don't get the item she bouht and I just send it anyway.

      Complaining that I not consider a refoud is NOT FAIR becouse she don't ask for it. Firs time she wrote me that she prefer a refound when I PM her that I've just send her second item.

      I can post printscreen of our PM to confirm my words if someone is interested.
    16. Kawkana, please understand that I wasn't making a personal attack, I was trying to provide the simple facts. I am more than happy to provide a return point of view on the statements you have responded with however I feel like this will only escalate into continual retorts and retalations of personal opinion.

      I understand that communication probably was a very big issue here as there are nuances to replies that you have potentially misinterpreted. I am not making any baseless accusations and stuck to the facts.

      I'm sorry if you think you're being unfairly left feedback but at the end of the day regardless of our various discussions, I ended up waiting 2 months for an item from payment date to receipt. That much is pure and simple.

      I appreciate you tried and everyone has problems or forgets things, we are only human after all, but I gave my statement as I experienced the transaction.
    17. I bought some clothes for my MSD's from Kawkana. The communication was great and she answered prompt. She is very friendly and sent the items very quickly. A pleasure to do business with. Thank you so much. =)
    18. I purchased three outfits from Kawkana. All three were packaged very nicely. The outfits are very well made with great colors and trims. All arrived within the time stated. I am very happy with our transaction and would buy from her again.
    19. I bought a tunic and leggins for my JID Benny from kawkana. By mistake she sent me a smaller size of the clothes first time, but she told me I could keep them and that she will send me the proper outfit asap. It is very kind of her! The proper tunic and leggins fit my JID perfectly and they are very well done. I can highly recommend her work!!!
    20. I bought an adorable outfit for my new MSD girl from Kawkana, and just received it. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, so she got it to me very quickly. It fits my girl absolutely PERFECTLY, and looks stunning on her. And I must say, it is made very well, very high quality. It shows that Kawkana takes pride in her work. I love it and will definitely be buying from her in the future.