Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

Mar 31, 2008

    1. Hi All,
      I am making a discussion thread for my pixie Sage because she is in production now and her thread in the artist section may be locked soon.

      Den of Angels

      Thought I would give you some measurements in case you want to start planning for her.

      The measurements are taken from the factory doll.

      Height 11" or 28cm
      Bust 12cm
      waist 9.3cm
      hips 13cm
      inside leg 13cm
      across shoulder at back including top of arms 6cm
      across shoulder at back not including top of arm 4.5cm
      shoulder to waist over bust 6cm
      shoulder to waist at back 5.5cm
      waist to ankle 15cm
      shoulder to wrist 9cm
      head 5.5"
      foot 3.6cm long, 1.5cm wide
      eyes 8 - 10mm. I used 10mm and she will come with a set of glass eyes.

      Here's a pic of her wearing Barbie top and jacket. She could wear Barbie skirts if they are stretchy but she can't wear Barbie pants because she has a fat bottom!!.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Shipping costs and alternatives ..
      You get to choose from Airmail, registered airmail and EMS

      Airmail and uninsured (at your own risk) ... to Asia $12 ... USA/Canada $14 ... rest of world $17
      Insurance is an extra $12

      Registered air including insurance for $100 ... to Asia $17 .. to USA/Canada $19 .. to rest of world $22
      This is a new service from Australia and it is not possible to add extra insurance with registered airmail but it has a tracking number altho' can only be tracked by Australia post. .

      EMS (uninsured) to Asia $34 .. to USA/Canada $38 .. to rest of world $40
      Insurance is an extra $12.

      Have fun everyone :)

      .......Mod Note.........

      This is a discussion for Kaye Wiggs Tinies. Millie, Tillie, Lillie, Cinnamon, Sage etc. And Kaye Wiggs 14 inch Mini Layla, Mini Hope, Mini Laryssa, Mini Missy etc. Also 11 inch Tiny Talyssa and 5 inch Teenie Gracie.

      Teeny Gracie measurements
      She takes 3.5" wig and 5mm eyes.
      She is 13cm tall
      Chest 5.5cm
      Waist 4.8cm
      Hips 6.5cm
      Shoulder to waist at back 2.8cm
      Shoulder to waist at front 3cm
      Shoulder width is 2cm not including the arms and 2.8cm including the top of the arms.
      Shoulder to just above knee measured from front of body 5.8cm
      Inside arm to wrist 3cm
      Shoulder to wrist outside arm 4cm
      Waist to floor outer leg 7cm
      Inner leg to ankle 4.3cm
      Inner leg to floor 5.2cm
      Foot 15mm x 8mm

      Measurements for Tiny Talyssa etc (downsized 11" dolls)
      Height approx 11" or 28cm
      Eye size 10mm
      Head circumference .. 5'5 inches
      Chest .. 12cm
      Waist .. 10cm
      Hips .. 13.5cm
      Across shoulder without arms .. 5.5cm
      Across shoulder including arms .. 7cm
      Waist to floor (outside leg) .. 16.5cm
      Inside leg to floor .. 12.5cm
      Arm to wrist .. 9cm
      Foot 3.4cm x 1.7cm

      Measurements for 14" Mini dolls
      35cm or 14" Tall
      Eyes .. 12mm
      Head circumference .. 6"
      Chest .. 14cm
      waist .. 10.8cm
      Hip .. 15cm
      Shoulder to waist front body .. 7.5cm
      Shoulder to waist back body .. 7cm
      Across shoulders without arm balls .. 5.5cm
      Across shoulders including arm balls .. 7.3cm
      Arm length to wrist .. 10.5cm
      Inside keg to ankle ... 15cm
      Waist to floor outside leg ... 21cm
      foot .. 4cm x 2cm

      Read more: Login Required | THE RESIN CAFE

      Read more: Login Required | THE RESIN CAFE

      Read more: Login Required | THE RESIN CAFE

      Kaye Wiggs Sage compared to other Tinies:
      Kaye Wiggs Kazekids Tiny Doll discussion Part 1

      Kaye Wiggs Different Size comparison:
      Large Tobi & Nelly, Mini Layla, and Tiny Tillie

      Kaye Wiggs Tiny dolls discussion part 1:
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    2. What shoes is she wearing Kaye?
    3. She is wearing JoSD shoes but they are too big for her .. look OK though I think!
    4. so does she take a 5/6 wig? you have great wigs on her, what are they?
      she is so darn cute:)
    5. yep luv*it . 5-6 wigs. The auburn straight wig is Jpop Kana and the mohair wig I made myself.
    6. Hi Kaye - two measurements my mom was curious about - ... from her waist to her ankle and also from the top of the shoulder to the wrist? :)

      I am sooo soooo excited about her.
    7. The foot measures about one and a half inches long by about half an inch wide.

      Sorry if it's going to be hard to get shoes for her :(
    8. Thanks Wee_Little_Faerie for the colours ... you are so clever! I love the lilac :)

      Her foot is 3.7cm long by 1.5cm wide ... or about 1 1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.

      Tinybear .. Did you find any shrinkage in your dolls when they were molded and cast? I'm thinking if there is a little shrinkage she might fit Lati yellow special shoes.

    9. Juju's Dolly Mall may well have shoes that will fit - they have so many sizes for so many dolls. I just go by the nearest measurement of the foot length... these look about right... http://www.jujusdollymall.com/cgi-bin/dept?dpt=H&srch=DW&tier2=32

      or the next size up... http://www.jujusdollymall.com/cgi-bin/dept?dpt=H&srch=DW&tier2=57

      My little one will probably go barefoot until I've got her, measured her feet and ordered from JuJu's... Unless there are shoes that fit her already in my vast stash of dolly stuff.

    10. Hi All,
      I heard from Dennis today and they are almost finished making the molds. Dennis asked for the colour choices for the orders so he must be getting close to casting!! I emailed the colour choices to him right away but there's a few who haven't chosen yet so I'm afraid I did some guess work .. hope no one will be disappointed!
    11. I've got some exciting news!!! I just heard from Dennis and Sage is cast and they are just sanding them now!!
      Here's some pics Dennis sent me of the colours.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      ooohhh look at the little heads!!! LOVE the light tan colour!
      Now I'm getting REALLY excited!!
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    12. Anyone want to know how many of each colour we have ordered?

      If you don't want to know close your eyes now :lol: :o

      23 normal skin
      11 white
      10 light tan
      3 blue
      2 lilac
      1 green
    13. Hi greeniebone ... I don't know if I will do another order for her but I have had some cancellations so I will have some spare dolls when they arrive and once I figure out how many I have left and what colour they are I will offer those for sale.

      Thanks for being patient guys and girls :aheartbea

      They can't be too much longer! I emailed Dennis today and asked for a sample doll so hopefully he will be able to send that and I can weigh her and check her out and show pics while we are waiting for the remainder to be finished.

    14. Good news!!!!
      I heard from Dennis just now and the dolls are all ready to be packed and shipped ... not sure how long it will take to pack them.
      Here's a pic Dennis sent me of all the little pixies in a box!!
      :lol: does anyone other then me think that is cute!!? I can see one green foot in there!! Getting excited again :fangirl:
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    15. I've been busting to tell everyone and now the magazine is out there so I can!! Sage is pictured in the August Haute Doll magazine :dance

      Here's one of her pics. Punky Sage :lol:

      And here is one of her with her big sister Mallory
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    16. Forgive me for spamming pics but I'm so excited my babies are almost finished!!!!
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    17. :sweat Sage is sitting in customs in Sydney!!!!! Hurry .. hurry!!

      Thanks everyone :) I'm "itching" to see the article myself. I am hoping my magazine arrives soon.

      Stella Maris ... where can I see the KingKong boots? Hope the do fit!!

      Thought I would sneek in a pic of the next doll I'm sending to Dennis .. same body as Sage .. just a new head. Hope I am allowed to do this here!!? I'm not taking preorders on this one .. just thought I would get some cast and then sell them when they were finished.
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    18. hi All,
      The first Sage has arrived at her new home and her new Mom was sweet enough to let me know she has a few problems. I REALLY appreciate her feedback and I wanted to let everyone know what to expect of your Sage and if anyone is unhappy let me know and I will rectify any problems.

      Firstly .. taking her head off won't unstring her .. I left a long piece of elastic tied to the body stringing elastic so it won't shoot down into her body. Just pull on the thin elastic "tails" that are curled up in the head and remove the metal bar and slip the head off.

      Secondly ... I have carved a slot in the top, back area of her lower torso .. this is for her upper torso to slot into so she can sit forward.

      Now for the problems!!

      the ball joint in her arms have been cut down too low so her arms tend to pop up in the bent position .. I don't know how to fix this :( I have tried different stringing tensions and can't seem to remedy it. I find if I pull down on the lower arm (to stretch the elastic a bit) as I straighten the arm it helps some.

      Her upper and lower torso don't fit together snugly .. I think the factory added clay to the inside of the upper torso to smooth it out before molding and it affected the way the body fits together. I carved out some of the resin which improved it a little but still is not fitting snugly.

      Her legs don't fit together nicely when she sits. I did get this fixed a little better than it was by carving out some of the resin in the stringing hole at the top of the legs to extend the hole to the inside leg area and some on from the stringing holes in the leg sockets on her lower torso.

      To be honest I was worried about holding up shipping too long on the dolls once they had been paid for so I just made the alterations so she could stand and sit reasonably well then I sent them out even though I was not 100% happy with them ... stupid thing for me to do :(

      If those who's dolls are already shipped would like to send her back I can try to remedy the sitting thing .. I may be able to sand down some of the upper leg area or maybe some of the lower body leg sockets and that may help bring her legs together better. I think it's mostly her right leg that is causing problems so hopefully I can get it sorted out quickly.

      If you want to send her back let me know and I'll pay shipping for her. If you would like to try to do it yourself I will send instructions on where to sand (once I work it our myself!!)

      I am going to delay shipping anymore dolls until I have this sorted out!!
      I soooooooo apologise to everyone for this. I feel sooo bad :...(
      I initially thought I might have been being too much of a perfectionist (as I do have those tendencies) but now that the first person to receive her has complained it has made me realise it was not just me being fussy and I should have been more thorough before shipping any dolls. :doh

      Once I get her sorted I'll post pics of her so you can see she is OK!

      Thanks everyone :aheartbea
    19. Thanks everyone for being so understanding .. you are wonderful and make me feel so happy to be part of the BJD world :aheartbea

      I've been working on her and getting some improvement so I'll contine until I have her just right. I have discovered the arm thing can be fixed easily without any modification .. just turn to lower arm a little and it will stay in the straight position.

      The problem with the legs seems to be just her right leg so hopefully will be an easy fix. I'm have been sanding the ridge around the ball joint and it is helping.

      I'm hoping to have the problems all sorted soon so I will post pics later today.

      :aheartbea thanks everyone for being so sweet.:aheartbea
    20. OK here's some pics of her in different positions!! I think this is probably the best I can do with her .. if I make anymore alterations I am afraid she will not stand properly.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      She can stand unaided

      [​IMG] When sitting on the edge of the bench without using the slot in her back she leans back

      When sitting with the slot engaged she leans forward

      Front view of her sitting on the edge of the bench .. her legs still can not come together at the thigh area

      *** continued in next post ..
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