Kaye Wiggs mini dolls discussion Part 3

Sep 12, 2015

    1. This is discussion for Kaye Wiggs mini dolls including Annabella, Miki, Layla, Nyssa etc.

      Please post only one photo. If you have more photos please post in gallery and link back here.

      Kaye Wiggs Annabella compared to Volks MSd:

      Kaye Wiggs Mini compared to Volks MSd, Jakzjewlz Mini Lierre, Tonner Ellowyne Wilde:

      Kaye Wiggs Different Size comparison:
      Large Tobi & Nelly, Mini Layla, and Tiny Tillie

      DoA database:
      Annabella: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php/353301

      Measurements: copy/pasted from The Resin Cafe.
      Height .. 45cm
      bust .. 19cm
      waist ... 15.5cm
      hips ... 20.5cm
      across shoulder without arms .. 7.5cm
      across shoulder including arms .. 10cm
      shoulder to wrist .. 13.5
      Side waist to ankle .. 25
      waist to floor .. 27.5
      inside leg to ankle .. 18.5
      inside leg to floor .. 20.5
      length of foot .. 5.7
      width of foot .. 2.7
      wig size - 7-8" stretchy wig
      eye size - 16mm

      Previous discussion threads:
      Kaye Wiggs Mini Dolls Part 1:

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      Kaye Wiggs Mini Dolls Part 3:
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    2. cute girls. is anyone ordering the tan mei mei or the new abby from jpop?
    3. Not me, I'm waiting on Gracie and have a Tobi on layaway. Altho the coffee Miki is very tempting. :)
    4. i didn't see miki? is she through jpop too or is there someone else that sells kaye wiggs dolls? i'm still waiting for ny elf gracie and cant afford another either, but i like to look :)
    5. Coffee tan Miki will be available for pre-order soon through Jpop, but she isn't up yet.

      Oh, and there is also soon going to be extra sales of Yani coming up, so anyone who wanted her might still have a chance to snag her. :)

      They've announced this on the Facebook group.
    6. Yes, I've ordered Abby and she really is the last doll I buy this year :roll: I can't afford another unless I sell someone and I'm running out of dolls I want to part with!! I'm borrowing money from an inheritance and need to pay it back but I'm finding dolls just aren't selling like they used to a few years ago, so need to think carefully before buying anymore. I love Abby though, and I have SK Gracie on the Tobi body on order who will be best friends with my recently bought Laycee (extras are still available, she's clearly not as popular as some sculpts). There are no other current sculpts I want, so unless Kaye brings out an adorable face I can't resist my KW collection will be done at 7 (Mei Mei, Essie, Yani, Talyssa, Laycee, Gracie and Abby). And if Kaye does sculpt a must-have face, it'll be months before the doll is up for ordering so I have time to save for next year.

      I think tan Miki will be really popular, but she's not for me (phew!).
    7. that's what i'm finding too. i think it's because everyone's dollar is so poor against the us dollar right now, most of us just can't afford the dolls we used to get. luckily so far the new ones haven't grabbed me like gracie so i'm content with the one i'm waiting for.
    8. I hope I can buy coffee Miki, she's stunning!
    9. Has anyone received their Gracie? Curious as to when she'll start shipping from the first order group.
    10. i was the second order group. but according to jopos preorder page the first group "fair is in shipping process" which i think means they are shipping the fairs now, but not the sunskissed? can't wait to see owner pics.
    11. I bought Laycee in October from their overrun and wish I had held out! The day after I received Laycee they announced Abby and I would have so much rather had her! I am tempted by the coffee tan Maurice girl but now you say there may be overruns available on Yani? Geez, I can't keep up!!!
    12. Hi Ikayet, we have already sold the extra Yani's. Sorry :(
    13. if anyone is interested jpop just announced another gracie preorder white and coffee this time
    14. I love the white elf on the Mei Mei body, but I have Gracie, sunkissed on the Tobi body, incoming on the second preorder so I shall resist ;)
    15. i have an elf gracie coming from that order too, and i like the skin color i'm getting better. i'm a little disappointed that they only have the elves available in the lighter color each time though. i had to choose between the elf ears or the tan. and they have done it again this time.
    16. I was just looking at the site and yeah, I'm disappointed they aren't offering her in coffee with elf ears. :( A little tanned elf girl would be so cute! I do kind of like the white skin version, though. She'd make a pretty little snow elf with a white wig and blue and white color scheme.
    17. hopefully someone will get her and do one up that way, cause that would be pretty. white skin just doesn't work for me. i only have one white skinned doll, and she is more ivory than white.
    18. I really like the more vivid faceup on the white skin, but it would only work as an elf for me. If I had loads of money I'd definitely get her and style her 'elfy' ;)