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Kaye Wiggs Nyssa coming soon at Jpopdolls.net

Jan 19, 2010

    1. I am so excited and happy to announce that we will have a pre-order period for Kaye Wiggs new doll Nyssa. She will come in Tan and Fair Skin, and both human and elf versions.

      Our Pre-order period will begin late January/early February. I will post updates here for everyone. We will hold the pre-order for about 3 weeks.

      Nyssa is 46cm tall and will come with eyes shown. She will retail for 500.00 for the Fair Skin and 525.00 for the Tan Versions.
      Sorry but only full painted dolls will be available, no heads or unpainted dolls.

      I hope you love her like I do.

      Nyssa Human Tan
      Nyssa Elf Tan
      Nyssa Human Fair Skin

      Nyssa Elf Fair Skin
    2. Will it be possible to see full photos of the body? Is the torso jointed?
    3. Nyssa is currently being evaluated for inclusion on Den of Angels; I'll update this thread once a decision is reached.

      Update: Nyssa was determined to be off-topic for the forum.