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Kaye Wiggs Tobi discussion part 1

Jan 19, 2013

    1. Yea I seem the smaller ones in the dark tan too and I love it on them. This is such a pretty color! :aheartbea... Can't want to aee how you do up your Lacee. I think I really will try to get in the sunkissed color, I'm kinda too impatience to wait and see if she is ever released darker lol
    2. I know just how you feel, the impatience thing. Usually I go for the darker, but lately I have been giving the fair girls a chance.
    3. These dolls are very similar to my friend's daughter. I even think that they need to buy such - Varia doll :)
    4. I am in so much trouble, I just put a Tobi on a longish layaway...
    5. Congratz! Tobi is such a sweet girl ;)
    6. Thanks! It could be a while before I see her, lol! :)
    7. When I first saw Tobi for preorder, I didn't like her. And I didn't preordered her. Then I saw owners' pics and I thought "I'm so stupid because she's just stunning". I was lucky enough to get the Fair one during the extras sale.
      And now I own three Tobis and she's one of my favorite Kaye's sculpts :lol::lol:
    8. Congrats Opal. I have sun-kissed and grey Tobi...I bet you'll love your new girl!
    9. My Tobi is fair skin, I think? :)
    10. My Tauriel (grey skin)... :)

    11. Isn't she adorable! Where's Tauriel going?
    12. Never regret that I bought her, she looks very adorable. Tauriel will be travelling with me to another town for the next local dollmeet ;)
    13. bump the thread because Tobi is so cute :aheartbea

    14. Yes, yes she is! I will have a fair Tobi eventually. :)
    15. Tobi is a darling girl. I love the factory faceups on them.
    16. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
    17. Tobi is so cute :aheartbea

      I've ordered Gracie on the Tobi body, can anyone tell me what fits her?
    18. I have one on layaway with a friend that sews and I was told that slim mini stuff fits if you lengthen the arms and legs. :)
    19. Thanks Opal, I have bought a pattern from Etsy specifically for Tobi, so at least I can make something ready for her when she arrives home, which won't be for 6 months, so plenty of time!
    20. the chocolate color looks fantastic and v realistic!