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Kaykedolls Minis Discussion Thread

Jul 24, 2016

    1. Hello!

      Welcome to the Kaykedolls minis thread where we can share and discuss all of Kayke's current and future sculpts such as Coffee,Almond, Hazel and Coco!:D


      Current preorder open:
      Kaykedolls Hazel Preorder
      OPEN – November 1st 2016 – January 1st 2017

      KaykeDolls Hazel is a 1/4th scale BJD. She is 40cm tall. She includes heel and flat feet, a travel bag, and a certificate of authenticity! She is available in peach or chocolate skin. See website for more details of this gorgeous plus size girl!

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      Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
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    2. I'm very curious about these girls~ Has anyone done a review? I'm wondering how she poses?
    3. So, the first edition of Coffee poses okay-- her torso is a bit floppy at times and her knees have issues locking in place tightly.

      But I will be improving her for the next order!

      My clay prototype had a different weight distribution than the resin, so I am planning on fixing her torso joint.
      I'm also going to add a double jointed thigh and a double jointed knee to fix the posing issues as well!

      Her arms work perfectly fine, but I will add a larger ball on her hands for more range of movement.

      I'll also be improving some aesthetic issues as well.

      Please let me know if you have anymore questions!
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    4. I'm picking up my Coffee in person at BJDC next weekend, so I'll definitely post pictures. ♡ Can't wait to see more Coffees here! ^_^
    5. WOW! This is my first time seeing this doll, and I'm totally blown away! I think I saw that she's 42cm tall... Someone on Flickr was inquiring about measurements, and was linked to the preorder page-- which now appears to be down. Can we get new measurements, whenever someone has them?

      I'm watching this thread! I can't wait to see what people do with her!
    6. I have some measurements from the creator here:

      bust is 20cm, 7.9in
      waist is 10cm, 3.9 in
      hips are 20cm, 7.9in

      I can get more measurements for you once I get mine in. ^_^
    7. I'm so happy to see a thread for Coffee! She's easily one of my favourite sculpts already, and I really hope more people post photos of theirs. :) I only have a handful of good quality photos of my girl Naomi at the moment, but I'll throw one in here anyway. She doesn't have a faceup yet because I'm having a weird amount of trouble tracking down sealant, but her sculpting is beautiful so I'm not that bothered.

      [​IMG]naomi's wig by bug-culture, on Flickr

      I haven't measured my girl at all quite yet, but I know that her eyes are 10mm, and her wig is 6-7. Most Minifee bottoms I've tried so far seem to fit quite well in the hips, although they're occasionally a bit long! I'm hoping more people will post about what fits and what doesn't. ^^'
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    8. @bug-culture your Naomi is stunning in her blue wig! Thanks for sharing!
    9. @Beansproutmomo Thank you very much!! Be sure to post photos when you get yours, I'm sure she'll look wonderful. ♡
    10. Here are some quick pics of my Coffee, Vanth. Tried some cute pastel stuff on her first, but I'll redress her in her proper style this week. ♡

    11. @bug-culture Naomi is seriously cute! And I agree that she looks beautiful despite being blank. Some dolls really carry it off and Coffee is definitely one of those.

      @Beansproutmomo I can't tell you how much I love her face up! And can't wait to see her in her proper style :D

      Sooooo I totally made this thread and then forgot to post my own girl lol. This is Moremi. She's rocking the head wraps for now but she's supposed to have braided hair or locs (still haven't decided). I'll try locks first since Kayla kindly sent me some awesome fibre to use, I just gotta dye it first.

      Anyhoo, here she is :)
      [​IMG]Untitled by s o p h i e ☪, on Flickr
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    12. @Allstar I agree! Coffee pulls off being blank very well! She's so detailed~

      Thank you about mine as well! I redressed her in black and red last night, but of course forgot to snap a pic. I'll get a good one this weekend! ♡

      Moremi is so amazing! I'm excited to see her wig! She can really rock the headwraps too. So cool!
    13. @Allstar Oh wow, I absolutely adore Moremi! The colours you've been dressing her in compliment her so well, and I haven't seen many dolls with head wraps! I'm sure she'll look fantastic in a wig too. :D
    14. Everyone's girls are so different! I'd really love to see more owner photos~ she's so expressive!
    15. Here is Vanth again, but redressed in her signature black and red. ♡

    16. Bit of extra photo spam since I made her some new jewelry~♡
    17. She's so glamorous!
    18. Thank you!
    19. Aaah, there's a thread for these girls! So many beauties; I love everyone's girls.

      I just got a tracking number for my Coffee today; so excited to receive her :D
    20. How wonderful! I'm excited to see photos of her. ^_^♡