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Kazekidz Kaye Wiggs Pip head discussion part 1

Mar 4, 2009

    1. Hi All,
      Have the first batch of Pip heads cast. I have cast some human and some elf and cast to match Dollstown orientalskin and freshskin.
      I plan on starting the sale of the heads Sunday evening at 8pm New York time which is 11am Monday morning Aussie time. I will list her/him in the marketplace at that time.

      I have had a few problems with Pip's sculpt so I have decided to limit edition her after all.
      I'll be posting all details when I list her for sale.
      I've sent out emails to my mailing list and I have posted info in my new yahoo group .
      Please feel free to join as I will be updating there whenever I have any news.
    2. Hi Cathy,
      Can you send me an email at kazekids@hotmail.com and I'll add you again. I sent to everyone on my list so maybe I don't have you on there!!!

      I'm limiting her to the amount of casting I can get from one mold so could be 20 to 30 of each.

      Stella Maris .. and everyone else interested!
      I'll be doing the paleskin next batch but if you want to order Sunday please do that because I will then add you to the list for the next batch .. any orders I can't fill with the first batch I will be added to the list for the next batch so if I get a lot of orders and my molds wear out, this order period might be the only one I do.

      I'm so sorry to have to limit her after all .. I think the combination of my allergy and fibromyalgia is just too much for me. I was stupid to even try doing an open edition :( After Pip is finished I will have to go back to doing one at a time.
    3. OoO. I didn't understand or read the email correctly. The one I need is the Freshskin? That is the Pinky-white, not the white white, right? I can order that on Sunday?
      Sorry you are not feeling well Kaye. I am glad to be able to get another one of your beautiful sculpts.
    4. Yep, freshskin is the pinky-white and you can order Sunday.
      Thanks :) I'll be OK.
    5. Hi,
      I was wondering what is the color of the jpop wig shown on the picture?it seems red, is it 'autumn moon' that seems more orange?
      and for the eyes' elf head, is it better 16 or 18 mm?, because I don't see many differences on the pictures... thanks

    6. hi Chalolamir,
      Her red wig is autumn moon.
      it's hard to say which eye size is best because some eyes have smaller iris so it depends on the make of the eye.
      :) Kaye
    7. My Pip coming home. :D:D:D

      Thank You very much Kaye :lol:
    8. Dollstown elf body it´s 53cm (head+body) and 7 years body it´s like MSD 46cm (head + body).
    9. My little Pipster is home. She's ADORABLE. Love the ears! Love the face. The hubby thinks she looks shocked. I took these on a bottle of glue. No body yet. >.< I do have two other sets of eyes I tried in her, one greyish blue and the other bright blue. Between the two wigs I liked the darker one just a little better. Though I may get it IN the carrot colour the shorter wig is in. I love the way her ears stick out of it better.


      Love her!
    10. Ha, ha ha, Mellony your sig made me LOL!!!!!
      Love your adorable bottle topper. What kind of body are you going to get her?
      Here's my adorable little alien elf. I think her name is Araminta, we'll see if it sticks.
    11. I loved the Dollstown body I got for my Pip Araminta as well.
      Lovepink, I too debated for a bit about wether to get the elf or the 7 years body, you might wait for the head to come to see if you prefer her as a child or older. If you can wait, LOL.
      She is a gorgeous sculpt. Good luck getting a Mallory, I see in your sig that you are looking for one. Incredibly beautiful, I am lucky enough to be owned by one of those!
    12. I was so impressed with the Dollstown body.
      Not to make you jealous, but I was lucky enough to be able to get my Elf Matilda, and my Mallory on Kaye's own bodies. Talk about fantastic! I wish Kaye were able to make more of her own bodies, but the Dollstown ones are a great substitute until that day comes.
    13. Hi Everyone,
      Sorry I have neglected this thread lately .. I've been busy as a bee getting Pip heads done.
      I have closed ordering because the molds are about had it. I ended up with about 60 heads total.
      I've shipped all the first batch and all paid orders and now I am working on sanding and polishing the rest of the heads in preparation for faceups. I will send an email to everyone and let you all know when the heads are ready for faceups.
      Sorry I am slower than I expected. Life events and the rainy weather is slowing me down!! :doh
      If anyone wants their head blank let me know and it can be ready to ship almost right away. Otherwise I will most likely be starting the faceups next week.
      :aheartbea to all,
    14. I'm back again -
      Here is my sweet elf girl...which wig do you prefer?
    15. Araminta got a new faceup today, I hope you like it! I think she looks better. That's her new kitty with her, nameless so far.
    16. Here is my girl:aheartbea, I called her 'Louve' but I still don't have a body for her:(
      I'm crazy about this little elf girl!!!Thanks so much Kaye!!!!
    17. I like the look of the 7 yr body better, and wanted mine to have a younger look. The measurements are not TOO different:

      7 year
      weight 0.7 kg (head+body)
      height 46(head+body)
      sitting height 26
      length of arms 13.5
      length of hand 4
      length of foot 5.4
      width of shoulder 10
      circumference of neck 7.9
      circumference of bust 18
      circumference of waist 15.7
      circumference of hips 21

      weight 1 kg (head+body)
      height 53(head+body)
      sitting height 26
      length of arms 15.5
      length of hand 5
      length of foot 6.4
      width of shoulder 11
      circumference of neck 8
      circumference of bust 19
      circumference of waist 16
      circumference of hips 22.2

      Kaye said:
      &#8220;The neck size of the Dollstown elf and 7 years body is very similar, so the human (head) and the elf heads with fit either body. The human head is slightly larger than the elf, so it fits the elf body better as it is more in proportion to that body, and the elf is slightly smaller so it looks better on the 7 years body better, I think. However, it depends on the collectors tastes so they can fit either body."

      So whatever you choose should be fine.
    18. I am buy new wig for my Pip. :lol: