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Kazekidz Matilda!!!

Jun 21, 2006

    1. Ohh, I love them all! The one on the right looks a bit like Angelina Jolie... The one in the middle could pass for a boy, but I think its the wig that does it (its short) and the one on the left.. well I love mohair wigs! So excited and happy that I have a reservation.. she's perfect:D :sumomo:
    2. If I wasn't already set on buying another doll, you'd have my money already XD
      She's gorgeous!
      You've done so well. You've captured 'cute' and put it into resin form!
      Gah, she's so cute!
    3. Very pretty....I love their freckles.

    4. They are so beautiful! I love thier sweet faces.
    5. They're adorable!! :)
    6. ok im a little freaked out?

      im new to the board really...

      so why does it say im the thread starter?
    7. very cute!!!!!
    8. The Mods moved the thread and just happened to choose your post as the first one. Don't worry. :D

      Anyway--Matilda! Congrats to Kaye for creating such a wonderful new doll!!!
    9. Amazing - these girls are so real and cute and I think I need to keep a closer eye on the artist/customizers forum! They are all gone already
      Beautiful work - I will look forward to more from you - oh talented one.
    10. Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone :)
    11. The resin looks so GORGEOUS and high-quality!!! X3
    12. aren't they just too gorgeous ?? I might have to move my timetable up for my reserved girl.. I don't think I can wait that long :>

      Great work Kaye, I am really looing forward to getting her and seeing what else you do in the future :>

      Seek peace

    13. Yay! I have some $$ incoming:D Thats a step towards bringing Matilda home!!
    14. Oh man, after seeing that blonde one I suddenly want to get a mohair wig for her! Her freckles are so cute!

      I hope I can do that gorgeous face justice...
    15. as I told you......i love your matilda!
      expecially the blonde one *_*
    16. I just finished face-uping a Matilda for a member here, very lovely work Kaye!

    17. I got my Matilda and gave her a faceup... she needs a name now, though, and probably a much better paint job. |laugh|
    18. aaaaaah, i'm so i love! But i'm so very far down on the reservation list, when wil i ever see my very own sweet Matilda??? ::cry
    19. I can't wait for tons of owner pics to start flooding the board. *pokepoke* 8D